Review: Casdon Wooden Easel

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Casdon Wooden Easel

Price: £25.00

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Traditional, wooden framed easel with chalkboard surface and a magnetic, wipe clean side for no-mess drawing. Includes clips to attach paper for painting, plus 2 x water beakers, chalk and wiper. Height 106 Cm’s

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: We were sent this easel a few weeks ago, and the girls have both used it every day since. It has been a huge hit straight away, and the girls have been getting really creative with their drawings and scribbles on it.

The easel came flat packed with the instructions for putting it together printed on the outside of the box, and it was really easy to put together – just 12 screws. The easel is fixed in position so you don’t have the fear of it collapsing and trapping fingers, which is something I would worry about with a folding one.

One side of the easel is a black board and on the other is a white board. Both sides have plastic tabs at the top that you can slide some paper underneath for painting and drawing on. I think that it is great to have this on both sides as it means both girls can be drawing on paper at once. The easel comes with a small box of chalk, a wooden black board eraser, and a whiteboard pen with eraser built in.

The white board is magnetic and the pen it comes with attaches to the board with a magnet in the lid, which the girls were very impressed with! Underneath the boards is a tray with holes for painting pots – it comes with two pots which both have lids and non-spill inserts. The tray is big enough to hold plenty of art materials, and we’ve popped a few paper cups in the other two holes, to hold magnets and dry-wipe pens for the white board.

Overall we have been really pleased with this easel. When not in use we tuck it against the unit, and it takes less space than I expected. It’s not too heavy so Georgie and Lydia are able to move it when they want to use both sides, and it is very stable too. The tray isn’t amazing build quality with the wood not being 100% lined up and flexing a lot when Georgie leaned on it, but other than that it seems well put together.

I am sure this is going to last us years, and the girls really love it. It is a great price, too. 5 stars!

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