Review: Dreamworks Spirit XXL 100 jigsaw puzzle

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Product: Ravensburger Dreamworks Spirit XXL 100 jigsaw puzzle

Price: £8.99

Age Range: 6+

Manufacturer’s Description: This stunning jigsaw puzzle features detailed and colourful artwork featuring all your favourite characters from Spirit Free Riding. Have fun with Lucky, Spirit, Pru, chica Linda, Abigail and Boomerang as they ride out on their next adventure.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: Lydia enjoys watching Dreamworks Spirit on Netflix, so she was really happy to get this jigsaw puzzle depicting her favourite characters from the show to review.

This jigsaw puzzle has 100 pieces, the perfect size for kids – not too small and fiddly, but not too big either. The finished puzzle measures 49 x 36 cm when complete and depicts Pru, Lucky & Abigail out for a ride.

Lydia really enjoyed putting this puzzle together; she started by finding the edge pieces and putting those in place, then finding patches of colour or patterns. It’s great to see her enjoying working out where everything goes and having fun doing it.

The finished puzzle is very attractive, and as with all Ravensburger puzzles, it’s printed on good quality cardboard with a linen style finish to reduce glare.

Lydia is six in a few weeks and this puzzle was just challenging enough for her – definitely not too easy, but not so difficult that she got frustrated and wanted to give up. She needed very little help with it; I helped her find patterns and colours she was looking for from the pile, but she placed all the pieces herself.

5 stars for a lovely puzzle, ideal for any young fans of Dreamworks Spirit.