Review: Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon Baby Bag

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Healthy Back Bag to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Healthy Back Bag logoProduct: Textured Nylon Bluebird Baby Bag

Price: £56.00

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Made from our textured nylon, this is an award-winning Baby Bag designed to make life easier when out and about. It is lightweight, hardwearing and machine washable. Combined with an extra-wide padded shoulder strap and multiple pockets inside, this bag is both practical and comfortable. The Baby Bag also comes with a removable plastic pouch, a washable, padded changing mat, and an insulated bottle pocket – keeping you fully prepared to travel with your baby any time, any place, anywhere.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Textured Nylon Bluebird Baby Bag

Review: We have been testing the healthy back bag for about a month now, and overall I have been very impressed with it. This is not your typical changing bag!

Designed to be good for your back, the Healthy Back Bag has a unique tear drop shape. You can wear it either on one shoulder or slung across your back. I prefer to wear bags across my body so favour the second, and have found it extremely comfortable. The long strap is great, as I have had trouble wearing bags cross-body before due to short straps.

As it sits on your back, as much of the bag as possible is touching you, spreading the weight & pressure of the bag. This does make a difference to how your back feels after wearing it for a substantial amount of time. I loaded the bag up to the max and wore it for hours when I went to the Baby Show with Lydia at the end of October, and although my back did ache from hours on my feet pushing the pushchair around, it definitely ached less than it would have done had I carried the same load in my regular changing bag or in a normal rucksack!

The bag itself is a lovely bright blue colour, and is available in a fantastic range of colours to suit both genders. James is perfectly happy to carry this bag around with him & also finds it comfortable to wear, in both carry positions. It is made of a really tough & durable feeling textured nylon fabric, which seems to be fairly easy to wipe clean.

There are clever little tucks in the bag allowing you to really fill it up; it sort of expands here & there as you stuff your piles of baby paraphernalia in! You can fit a LOT of stuff in this bag. The padded shoulder strap is comfortably wide on your shoulder, and grippy enough that it stays put and doesn’t slip about. It doesn’t chafe against your neck, or irritate any bare skin it comes into contact with. Two handy clips inside the bag are great for attaching your keys to as well, and there are even a couple of pen sized pockets for your biros.


It comes with a padded nappy mat, a zip up wet bag, and a removable little zip up pouch that is perfect for makeup essentials or similar. There are loads and loads of pockets inside and outside the bag (over 15!), with pockets inside three of the four zipped compartments, some of which zip up themselves too. With these seemingly endless places to put everything, the only problem I have had is trying to work out just where I tucked something away! I did find that I had to be careful what I put in one or two of the outside pockets as hard small items dug into my back a little. After some slightly shuffling of belongings this wasn’t an issue though.

The insulated bottle holder is integrated into the bag, and I should think that it would be a tight for for any but the slimmest baby bottles; the opening is quite tight. It is perfect for Georgie’s sistema water bottle that we use for out & about quite often though. I think the small size is down to the fact this bag is primarily designed as a rucksack & this is the baby bag version with some additions, rather than this bag being designed from the ground up as a changing bag. For tommee tippee bottles, and any that sort of size or shape, expect to need a separate insulated bottle holder.

I think that the Healthy Back Bag is quite attractive, and although it doesn’t look at all conventional (I did get one or two strange looks), I like the way it looks slung across my back. The colour is really nice, and it is incredibly practical too. It is easily big enough to carry around all of the stuff we need for a day out with both girls, including spare outfits for the pair of them, plenty of nappies & snacks, and so on.

Wearing the HBB

The price for this bag is £56.00 which is about average for a decent changing bag these days. You can tell that it was designed as a rucksack first & that this function of a changing bag is secondary though; the bottle pouch is a little too small and you don’t have the typical nappy pockets that you would in a regular changing bag. For £4 less you can buy this bag without the added change mat & wet pouch – so at least they haven’t added too much of a premium for the two little extras & the label of “baby bag”!

We did have a problem fitting it into the bottom of our Graco Evo Mini which has a huge shopping basket – it fitted in but is so large it is difficult to get in & out, and the exterior pockets get caught when you try to pull it out. It is a good thing it’s comfy to wear as it is easier to wear it than stash it on or under the pushchair.

We give this bag 4 stars, and I would certainly recommend it to any parents who were interested in buying it, especially any who are having problems with backache.