Review: Lumo Stars

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product: Lumo Stars

Price: £12.99 for Big 24cm Lumo Stars, £6.99 – £7.99 for Classic 15cm Lumo Stars, £3.99 for Key Rings, £15.00 for Northern Bright’s Bedtime Story.

Age Range: 4-15 years

Manufacturer’s Description: There’s a brand new cute and cuddly collectible hitting shelves this month – Lumo Stars! With a touch of Finnish sparkle in each creature’s eyes, Tactic’s Lumo Stars are inspired by Nordic nature and mythologies.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: Lydia’s all time favourite type of toy has to be soft toys. In fact, she likes to sleep in a nest made up entirely of soft toys, cushions and blankets – there is nothing my baby likes more than snuggling.

When we were sent a whole box of the most adorable and soft cuddly creatures, it’s safe to say she pretty much exploded with excitement.

I first came across Lumo Stars at the Toy Fair back in January and it was love at first sight then for me too. With their big eyes, colourful fur and sweet appearance it isn’t difficult to see why they are so appealing.

The first range of Lumo Stars soft toys is the ‘Northern Brights’ range which are inspired by the story book of the same name, which is a lovely story about a group of Nordic animals, nature, and friendship. The soft toys (and characters in the story) are inspired by Nordic nature & myths, with the colours of their fur drawn from natural things like berries, and their eyes reflecting the magical Northern Lights.

At the end of the book, the animals featured in it’s pages are listed with their names, and Lydia loves the fact that her new purple toy dog Susi is in the book! She really enjoyed being able to read her story, and asked me to read the pages featuring Susi again, as well as reading out all of the names of the different characters.

Lydia says that she loves the story book, and that the soft toys are good because “they are so huggly”. They are very cute and cuddly – I don’t think I’ve come across another plush toy quite this soft… personally I have claimed the adorable 15cm puffin Lunni plush to live on my office daybed.

To add a bit of modern fun to the range of soft toys, each one comes with a tag that as well as telling you their name and a bit of info about the toy, contains a QR code which unlocks that character on the free Lumo Star app. Using the app, you an take care of your Lumo Star by feeding them and playing games with them. Georgie and Lydia really enjoyed seeing their toys ‘come to life’ in the app.

The range includes three sizes of plush toy; the 23cm ‘Big’ size, 15cm ‘Classic’ and the ‘Mini’ Key Ring toys, so we got a good selection of the Northern Brights range, which is lovely and colourful.

We were sent two of each and the girls were quick to claim one Big one each as well as a key ring to live on their school book bags. The girls really like to hang collectable key rings like these from their bag zippers so they are very pleased to have some a new one each, especially as they are so cute.

As you can see the girls love their new Lumo Stars toys. We give these a very enthusiastic and cuddly 5 stars!

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