Review: OXpwr Two Multi Purpose Battery Pack

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by OXpwr to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: OXpwr Two Multi Purpose Battery Pack

Price: £50.00

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: A truly superior power source: a massive 10,000 mAh capacity will keep your mobile gizmos running, providing strong, reliable and dependable power. With a specially designed carrying bag, the OXpwr two and its array of connectors is the ultimate ‘don’t leave home without it’ accessory. The battery is quickly charged, and the LED indicators let you know how much power is stored, so even if you haven’t charged he battery for a while you can still rely on it in case of emergency. OXpwr two is the one the professionals choose when they can’t afford to be let down.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Review: I was sent the OXpwr Two a while ago to review (shamefully long ago; I’m afraid pregnancy, illness & other Real Life things have been interfering with the smooth running of Mama Geek!), and must admit am quite a big fan of this little gadget.

The basic concept is that you charge it up and pop it in your bag or car for gadget power ups on the go. If you are anything like me and a low battery at the end of a busy day is a common sight the OXpwr would be a welcome addition to your gadget collection.

The OXpwr two & the carry bag

I love to use my iPhone to its full potential – I take lots of photos, play games, send messages and emails, browse websites, keep tabs on facebook, instagram and twitter, check my calendar or address book… and it’s even my torch, my tomtom, and my baby monitor! My one year old iPhone 4S has got pretty good battery life, but it’s not unusual for me to get the dreaded battery warnings towards the end of a long day, especially if we’ve been out and about taking lots of photos.

What’s in the box – lots of adaptors, a handy spiral cable for length and portability, and the OXpwr itself!

One of my best friends got married this summer and a very early morning (thanks, Georgie!) was followed by a long day with lots of photos being taken and other heavy usage – I popped the OXpwr in my handbag for the evening reception and plugged in my phone to give it a boost as the night drew on, it was so handy and I love that the gadget is small enough to fit into a handbag easily. It does add a bit of weight to a small bag, which reduces it’s portability, but you could always keep it charged up in your car or desk to grab when you need it.

I also find it really useful that you can charge almost anything with the same device, and (if you have a second usb cable to hand) you can charge two devices at once. I was able to charge my kindle and iPad up when we were away and only had the OXpwr & my iPhone charger with us recently. As I was a stupid idiot and didn’t charge my kindle before we left home, I was quite chuffed that I just had to pop on the right adaptor and hey presto I had a kindle charger! I’m not a happy bunny if I run out reading material so it saved the day.

Charging my kindle
Charging the OXpwr using my laptop – you can also use a USB plug (like the one you get with an iPhone)

Overall I think the device is great: it has one job and it does it well. It is a little heavy for my liking but it packs a punch for the weight – you get a lot of power out of it when it’s fully charged, so you don’t have to remember to charge it too often. The carry bag is handy too, as it allows you to keep all the adaptors and any cables you want together with the gadget, saving you from scrambling about in the bottom of your bag. The leds keep you informed of what’s going on while it’s either being charged or charging other devices.

If you are planning on going on any trips where charging facilities can be expected to be far and few between I would definitely recommend getting one of these gizmos, if your budget stretches to it! We have found it especially useful on long journeys and also when we’ve stayed at b&b’s where power sockets are hard to come by – I think it would be perfect for anyone who goes away frequently with multiple gadgets! 4 out of 5 stars for this handy power pack.

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