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Disclosure: We were given £50 credit free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

ZeekProduct: Zeek iOS app (also available on Google Play)

Price: free to download

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Zeek is a free app that allows you to easily and simply buy discounted gift and e-vouchers from others, or sell gift vouchers, gift cards, store credit, and credit notes, for cash! Choose from hundreds of your favourite brands, with vouchers from stores such as Starbucks, iTunes, Ebay, Groupon, H&M, Amazon, Boots, and many more at discounted prices. Say goodbye to unwanted gift cards and vouchers, and hello to extra cashback in your pocket – with no mess, no fuss!

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: Zeek is an interesting app to buy & sell vouchers for shopping, eating out, etc. You can buy & sell anything from Amazon vouchers to Hungry House or Starbucks vouchers.

We were given £50 Zeek credit to try out the service and buy ourselves some vouchers to enjoy. We bought a Amazon voucher worth £25 for £24, and two Great British Pub vouchers totalling £40 for £30. Not amazing savings on the Amazon voucher – just 4%, but a very decent 25% saving on the pub vouchers.

I spent the Amazon voucher on kindle books (yay!) – I can always quite happily spend Amazon vouchers on my obsessive reading habit.

Our Great British Pub vouchers sat unused for a while as we were ridiculously busy, but we finally got around to using them at one of our local Chef & Brewer pubs. The food was great value and tasted amazing, and we managed to get Sunday lunch for all four of us with our voucher – yum! The kids meals were really generous and the puddings were divine.

Sunday Roast

The Zeek app itself is reeky easy to navigate and use, and it seems to be just as easy to sell vouchers as it is to buy them. We’ve been really happy with our Zeek experience, and I have left the app installed to buy vouchers in the future. The app design has recently been refreshed, and it is cleaner and easier to use than ever. You get an in-app “wallet” that stores all your vouchers ready for use, with all the codes and instructions you need.

The savings available on Zeek are pretty mixed – with the most popular vouchers not offering much of a saving, but some great discounts on the slightly more obscure ones like the pub voucher. If you are looking at buying a big purchase from somewhere like Game it is definitely worth looking into Zeek in case you can buy a voucher and get a discount – at the time of writing you could save 10% which isn’t insignificant on a big purchase like a game console.

I think it’s definitely worth a download – 4 stars.

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