Seals in the City at Sea Life Birmingham

Earlier this week we were invited along to the VIP launch event for the brand new state-of-the-art multi million pound marine mammal rescue centre at our local Sea Life centre here in Birmingham. 

As regular visitors to the centre, we knew something big was happening – a large area of the centre had been closed off, the otters had moved out, and we had to take a ‘weird’ route around on our last few visits. We were very curious about what was coming – and we haven’t been disappointed. One thing we enjoy about the Sea Life centre is how much it changes between visits. There always seems to be something new to see and enjoy.

The new environment spans two floors which is really fun – as you reach the area with the clownfish you get your first look into the underwater area of the enclosure and then you can see it from three different sides and heights as you walk around the new area – this has replaced the otter’s enclosure and the old classroom. It’s really opened this space up, and it feels like it makes much better use of this part of the centre. 

Two new occupants have moved into the 72,000 litre tank – Miley and Boo, who are both rescued seals with medical conditions that prohibit them being released back into the wild. The new environment has been designed to emulate the natural habitat, and has multiple depths of water as well as a sort of shoreline area in one corner so they can climb in and out of the water.

Boo is a five year old male who was rescued as a pup at only one week old, and Miley is seven this year, having been rescued at only 2 days old after she washed up on the beach with her umbilicus still attached. Miley has a long term thyroid condition which requires daily medication, and is a lovely companion for Boo who has both physiological and neurological health problems that would impede him in the wild.

You can even get a seal’s eye view by crawling through a tunnel into a glass viewing box in the tank – the girls waited patiently for their turn and loved being able to get into the middle of things, with the seals swimming right up next to them. Keep an eye out for the ‘Lydia Cam’ section in the video below! 

Of course, as well as the new mammal rescue centre, there is a lot to see and enjoy at sea life. Georgie and Lydia both love to play with the penguins, and the 360° glass ocean tunnel is always jaw dropping. We managed to spot both Molokai the sea turtle – Lydia’s favourite-and Zebedee the zebra shark – Georgie’s favourite, so our visit was considered a total success by the girls.

We are heading over to Legoland Discovery Centre on Friday so I wouldn’t be surprised if we pop over the canal to visit Miley & Boo while we are in town; the sea life centre is a lovely place to spend some time at during the Easter holiday.

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