Visiting the Piranhas at Sea Life

Disclosure: As Sea Life ambassadors we have annual passes free of charge for the purpose of blogging about our visits.

During the half term holiday we headed over to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham to check out their new Piranha tunnel, as well as enjoy their Sea Stars trail.

No matter how many times we go to the Sea Life Centre, the girls never get bored of it. There are so many different things to see and often something new to see or do, too. Of course, as well as discovering something new with every visit they love to visit their favourites, too.

We always spend some time watching the clownfish (Nemo!) swim around – the tank has a tunnel so the girls get down into that and love being surrounded by the bright orange fish.

Georgie has been visiting Zebedee the Zebra Shark since a few weeks after he was hatched, and has followed his progress from tank to tank. She knows exactly which is his favourite spot too!

Piranha Tunnel

The Piranha Tunnel is the latest addition to the Sea Life centre, replacing the slightly tired looking jellyfish area (a new jellyfish area opens Easter 2018!) with a rainforest themed section. The huge piranha tank has a tunnel that is easily big enough for adults to get in and crawl through as well as the kids.

Georgie and Lydia really enjoyed getting in the tunnel and being ‘underwater’ with the piranhas. It was fascinating to see them close up for James and I as well – I had no idea they are sparkly!

Sea Stars

The girls had a great time trying to find the hidden stars around the different areas of the centre, with only the names of the sea creatures as their clues. At the end of the visit they both got a medal for their efforts.

Watch the vlog

I really enjoy making videos of our visits to Sea Life – the sea creatures are all so beautiful, and the way they move is quite captivating. The girls and I could watch the penguins swim and play for an hour quite happily, I think!

I’m looking forward to the new Jelly Invaders exhibit at Easter so I’m sure we’ll be headed back then to see it & blog about that too.

Sea Life Ambassador