A recipe for Five Minutes’ Peace!

Disclosure: We were sent a Five Minutes’ Peace pamper set for the purpose of this post.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the lovely picture book Five Minutes’ Peace by Jill Murphy, Walker Books invited me to join in their blog tour, and sent me a little home pampering set. 

Five Minutes' Peace

Five Minutes’ Peace tells the story of Mrs Large who just wants to escape from her noisy children for five minutes (we all feel like that sometimes, I’m sure!). She sneaks off to the bathroom with her breakfast and the morning paper, but it’s not long before her children interrupt… a very realistic tale as, in my experience, toddlers have absolutely no qualms about barging into the bathroom at every opportunity! This amusing book is beautifully written & illustrated, and it’s clear to see why it is so well loved.

Five Minutes Peace

Included in my box of goodies was a copy of the special 30th Anniversary edition of the book, some lovely bath bombs, a candle, chocolates, and herbal tea. For the kids, some activity sheets & stickers. Some excellent ingredients for me to try & grab five minutes of peace for myself – exactly what I need after a busy few weeks decorating & preparing for Lydia’s birthday!

Five Minutes Peace

Here is my recipe for Five Minutes’ Peace…

  • Sweet talk husband into distracting children downstairs for a bit after he gets home from work – provide activity sheets, stickers and books for them enjoy together, to keep them busy!
  • Sneak upstairs with cuppa in hand.
  • Run a nice hot bath, add bath bombs.
  • Light some candles, put on some chill out music.
  • Snuggle down into the hot water with kindle.
  • Nibble a bit of chocolate.
  • Relax!
  • …and then get interrupted by the dog, bringing a blast of cold air with her. Damn!

Kindle & candles for Five Minutes Peace

Meanwhile, downstairs…

Ah well, it was a good try. I can definitely identify with Mrs Large, who manages to get a whole 3 minutes and 45 seconds to herself by the end of the book! The girls really enjoyed Mrs Large’s story and loved doing the activity sheets after reading the book with their Daddy.

Walker Books are giving away a pamper set like mine, and some signed copies of this lovely edition of the book too – you can check that out here. They’re also giving away a spa voucher so it’s definitely worth entering!

We give this charming anniversary edition of Five Minutes’ Peace 5 stars: (5/5 stars)