Fit to Dance… with Ashley Banjo!!

Our entire family really enjoys Disney on Ice (even James grudgingly agrees he’s a fan!) and are really looking forward to going to see the newest show in a few weeks – Disney on Ice presents Passport to Adventure. We have been invited along to review the show, and are taking along one of the girls best friends to enjoy the show too.

Disney on Ice run an education programme called Fit to Dance, and we were asked to come to a special workshop held by some of the ice skaters – along with special guest Ashley Banjo! I was really excited about this as James and I have been Diversity fans since we first saw them on Britain’s Got Talent, and went to three of their tours years ago… Diversitoys, Digitized & Limitless. 

Picture by Simon Hadley.

We joined several other local blogger families at the dance studio for the workshop, and the kids started by warming up with Ashley and the skaters, playing a version of Simon Says to get their bodies moving. Next up, they split into two groups and each group made up a story together. They chose characters, scenes and events, and decided different actions to go with each part of their story. Next, they chose some props and fancy dress accessories to bring their characters to life, before performing their story in front of the other kids & the parents.


Georgie & Lydia’s group had a hilarious story! They started by knocking on the door of a castle in the middle of a jungle, then played pass the parcel with the farmer living inside. The farmer secretly locked them in as they were busy climbing trees (which were growing inside the castle!), then they followed a treasure map to escape the castle – and ended up in Disneyland – in space! It was certainly very imaginative.

After watching the second group perform their story, Ashley said a few words and introduced a second special guest which got all the kids excited… not to mention Emma aka brummymummyof2 who may have squealed slightly at me in excitement and joined in with the children queuing up to have her photo taken with them. The special guest was none other than Mickey Mouse! Lydia really enjoyed meeting him and had her photo taken.

The girls were invited to raid the prop boxes before heading home, which is their idea of heaven; they adore fancy dress and went a little overboard… oops! I got a selfie with Ashley and his signature on the girls Fit to Dance passports, so I was pretty happy too!

Picture by Simon Hadley.

Check out the video I made of the workshop – prepare to laugh at the slightly high levels of crazy!

You can find lots of resources for schools and families on the Fit to Dance website – and don’t forget to arrive early if you are headed to any of the Disney on Ice shows so you can join in with the Zootopia themed Fit to Dance pre-show!