Halloween Spook-tacular at National Forest Adventure Farm!

Disclosure: we were invited to National Forest Adventure Farm free of charge for the purpose of this post.

We went along to the National Forest Adventure Farm for their Halloween Spook-tacular event at the weekend, and the girls really enjoyed their day out filled with pumpkins, witches and broomsticks. Mind you, they weren’t so keen on the fun house clown!

We arrived at the adventure farm at around 11am and despite the occasional shower and heavy winds, we had a lot of fun exploring all the indoor and outdoor areas of the farm. It was our first time there, and so everything was new to us – not just the halloween special events. Once we’d had a peek around the animal barns, we headed to the Mummy Maze which the girls loved!

National Forest Adventure Farm - Mummy Maize Maze

It was our first visit to a Maize maze and we really enjoyed exploring the different paths, finding all the Mummy signs and writing down each of their name next to their numbers on the worksheets. Once we had found all 16 Mummies we headed to the exit and the girls very happily showed off their completed sheets for lollipops.

National Forest Adventure Farm - Mummy Sign

We ventured into the Fun House after the Mummy Maze but the kids weren’t too impressed by some of it. They loved the mirrors and the flashing coloured lights at the start, but got freaked out by a clown jumping out at them honking a horn, and got a bit frustrated by the maze like bit with seemingly endless empty ‘rooms’ of hanging plastic red & white strips and painted doors. It took us a little while to get through and there wasn’t really anything ‘fun’ in those bits for little kids. I suspect that as this particular attraction is also used for the evening adult Scream Fest event that more scary clown jumping goes on during the evenings for adults to get scared, so it’s a bit empty for the kids in the daytime.

National Forest Adventure Farm - Lunch

After a bit of fun exploring the outdoor play areas we needed to warm up, and headed inside for some lunch. They had a good selection of hot & cold food on offer, and our four hot meals & cold drinks came to less than £40. The children both had hot dogs meals from the kids menu, while James and I both opted for a special cheese burger, which was delicious.

National Forest Adventure Farm - In the pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch, unlike the fun house, was a huge success. The girls enjoyed the tractor trailer ride to and from the pumpkin patch, with music playing on the trailer’s speakers and scarecrows to look out for. It was a short trip up the hill to the pumpkin patch, where we headed into the muddy field to hunt for the perfect pumpkins to take home.

National Forest Adventure Farm - Lydia and her pumpkin

Each child visiting the farm gets a voucher for a free pumpkin to take home (while supplies last!), so you pick the pumpkin you want and hand over your voucher on the way out. They had blue shoe protectors on hand to save your shoes from becoming too muddy, and paper towel on hand to wipe the worst of the mud from your pumpkin, which is great. Lydia spent a fair bit of time looking for a perfect bright orange Lydia-sized pumpkin, and was delighted with her find!

National Forest Adventure Farm - Pumpkin Carving

Once we found our pumpkins we made our way to the pumpkin carving area, where you can pay £2 for a carving kit & tea light, and sit down to carve your masterpiece! The kids really enjoyed being able to carve their pumpkins right away, and with a little bit of adult help were soon drawing on their faces, cutting out the lids, scooping out the insides and carving their designs. The kits were admittedly not the best, but the girls didn’t care and there were a few spares on hand too.

National Forest Adventure Farm - pumpkins and hot chocolate

The weather was getting worse and we were all pretty chilly by this time so we retreated back indoors for an hour or so, and James and I babysat the pumpkins, enjoying cake & hot chocolate from the cafe, while the kids ran around and had buckets of fun at the soft play. They have a great play frame at the adventure farm with plenty of slides, a construction area, and a toddler area. There are plenty of chairs and tables for adults to relax while the little ones enjoy themselves, too.

National Forest Adventure Farm - Soft Play

Georgie was super brave and went on the highest drop slide! We were pretty gobsmacked as she’d never gone down one so big before, and she looked so tiny going down!

National Forest Adventure Farm - Drop Slide

Before heading home, the girls had a broomstick training session at the outdoor stage. There were various halloween themed entertainment shows going on all day, and Lydia and Georgie had already listened to some Toe Tingling Tales, and performed some magic with Winnie the Witch, earlier in the afternoon.

National Forest Adventure Farm - Brookstick Training

Both girls really enjoyed their broomstick training – although Lydia’s leg was hurting after bashing it in soft play, so she opted to retreat to Daddy’s lap after a little bit too much running about on it. Georgie completed her training and received an imaginary certificate with pride.

Watch our video of the day:

As you can probably tell from the beaming smiles in our photos and video the girls had a great day out despite the wild & windy weather, and getting scared to tears by a clown! It was a lovely start to our half term holiday, and I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area with children who’d enjoy a spooky day out this week.