Net World Sports to the rescue!

Sometimes, people do things that make you totally disgusted at the world we live in. No, I’m not talking about voting in Donald Trump, I’m talking about something a touch more local than that.

A little while ago, Georgie’s primary school posted a notice on their Facebook and Twitter feeds informing parents that their new football goals had been stolen from the school grounds overnight.

Someone climbed the fence and stole two goals from a primary school. Who steals from kids? It’s just horrible – like when people break into a house and steal their Christmas presents. The kids at the school love to play football and it’s not a big school with lots of funding, so they couldn’t be replaced quickly or easily.

Net World Sports

I tweeted about the school’s dilemma, getting in touch with several online sporting goods companies and Net World Sports saved the day by offering to send the school some replacement goals. How great is that?!

They are my new heroes, within a week or so the kids had brand new goals and were all incredibly excited and grateful for the delivery. The headteacher opened up the box in an assembly, and my Georgie got to help him, and the kids all applauded and cheered for their new FORZA goals – it was very loud!

Unpacking the goals

It’s been lovely to see the goals out on the school field and see the kids playing happily with them. I even got stopped in the school hallway a week or so after the assembly by one of the school children who thanked me for helping to arrange it. They were so sad when their goals got stolen, and were out searching for them in the local area – which should give you an idea of how pleased they were to get replacements.

Georgie and the Forza goal

There are some horrible people in the world and it’s a shame that the school kids had to be exposed to that – but there are some amazing people too, and the folks at Net World Sports are definitely amazing! Thank you very much!!