Review: Bambeano Baby Bean Bag

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Bean Bag Bazaar to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Bambeano Baby Bean Bag

Price: £49.99 (see below for 10% discount code!)

Age Range: 0-6 months for the baby bean bag, progressing to up to 5 years as a toddler bean bag.

Manufacturer’s Description: Baby bean bags are perfect for your newborn and the Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag offers a comfortable bed for tiny babies so you can relax while they sleep. The unique Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag comes with a harness to secure your little one in place and is suitable for 0-6 month olds (approx).

With innovative design and superior quality fabrics the Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag is a perfect combination of comfort and safety. It allows new borns and young babies to sit securely, comfortably and fully supported in a semi upright position so that they can see the world around them.

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: I am not keen on traditional Moses baskets and we decided to go straight to using a crib for Lydia, as we did with Georgie. This, however, meant that we wouldn’t be able to benefit from the portability of a Moses basket and would need something for her to sleep on downstairs. This is where the Bambeano comes in. A great alternative to a bouncy chair or Moses basket, the Bambeano is a shaped bean bag with a secure three-point harness, suitable from birth to around 6 months old.

We have been using the Bambeano since we brought Lydia home from hospital just over two weeks ago, and she seems to love it. She is quite happy to sleep for hours in it… and I do mean hours, not minutes – the longest nap she has had in it was five hours long!

The Bambeano looks and feels really comfortable. Lydia feels very safe & secure when she is strapped in, and the bag conforms nicely to her shape whilst still being very supportive. Georgie enjoys sitting on it when it’s not in use by her baby sister, too!

I really like the fact that the Bambeano means that Lydia isn’t too close to the floor while she’s napping, as it makes her more visible to her big sister! Georgie is trying to be careful around Lydia, but it is difficult for a growing toddler to be 100% aware of her surroundings and a newborn napping on a play gym or in a low bouncy chair isn’t as obvious as when she is in the Bambeano.

It’s also easy to get her on & off the bean bag at this height (especially if you are sitting on a sofa), something that’s worth considering if you have had to go down the c-section route, or are confined to hours resting up on the sofa thanks to stitches. I know from experience that bending all the way down to floor level to pick up a sleeping newborn from a play mat can be a painful experience!

The Bambeano comes in three colours; natural, pink & blue. It also comes with a toddler bean bag, so that when you have finished using the Bambeano, you can transfer the beans into the other bag & the bean bag grows with your child. I really love that they provide this, as it gives you great value for money and gives the product real lasting factor.

We have found it very easy to get Lydia on & off the bean bag, and the harness is easy to use & adjust without disturbing a sleeping baby too much – a great plus in my eyes! Thanks to our wooden floors it is easy to slide the bean bag around without her waking up, which is quite useful when I am playing with Georgie and Lydia has needed moving out of harms way. You can also easily carry it one-handed when not in use, as it is so light.

The cover is soft, easily removable, and made from 100% cotton, which means that you can simply take it off & throw it in the washing machine if need be, great if you have a sicky baby… or a toddler who likes to spill their drink everywhere, like I have! The bag is shaped so that your baby’s torso is slightly raised, which would be useful for colicky babies, or those suffering from acid reflux.

The bean bag itself doesn’t take up too much room; certainly less than a Moses basket + stand. It has the bonus of being able to be chucked into a corner when not in use too!

Overall I give this product 5 stars. At £49.99 it is a comparable price to a Moses basket or bouncy chair, but lasts so much longer than either of these, with transfer to using the toddler bean bag which is suitable for up to 5 year olds. Lydia obviously finds it incredibly comfortable judging by the hours she has spent asleep on it, and I think she looks adorable sleeping on it!

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