Review: Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Dr. Beckmann to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets

Price: £3.20

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets mean you can wash colours with confidence, say goodbye to colour runs and hello to brighter colours for much longer.

This ingenious little sheet is perfect for those ‘what if’ moments of washing, when you have a colourful dress or striped t-shirt that you just don’t know what to wash it with. By popping a Colour & Dirt Collector sheet in your wash you don’t have to worry, your lovely flowery dress or your red and white rugby shirt will come out the same as it went in, along with all the other clothes in the wash.

Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets collect all the stray dirt and dye in the wash making sure none of it sticks back onto your clothes leaving them looking dull. Whether you use one of the magical sheets in every wash or just with your favourite garments, they are an absolute must have for the keeping your colours brighter for longer.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: As I am sure any other parent knows, a toddler generates a lot of washing. There is rarely a day that our washing machine gets a holiday, and I am afraid I don’t have a lot of time to meticulously sort out our washing into colour coordinated piles, or panic about washing new items with old.

In addition to Georgie having a LOT of laundry, it is a beautiful rainbow of different colours and patterns. The white bits get steadily greyer, and the colour bits lose some of their ‘pop’ over time. This is where the Colour & Dirt Collector sheets come in. If you’re washing anything with contrasting dark and light colours and you want to avoid the colour bleeding into the white, then pop one of these sheets into the machine to help out.

Also, if you’ve bought some new clothes with dark or vibrant colours, you can use these sheets for the first few washes to catch the colour, so your other washing doesn’t have to!

Test with James’s dark navy jeans

I’ve tested the sheets out on a number of washloads, including with James’s darkest navy jeans (always a culprit for making light socks a shade darker!) and with Georgie’s new colourful Pudsey gear. In every test the sheet has emerged from the machine with a reassuring amount of colour on, which shows how much it saved discolouring my washing, and the clothes have looked great.

Test with brand new red & white Pudsey pyjamas, new red Pudsey top & lots of mixed colour toddler washing!

At £3.20 for 30 sheets it works out at about 11p per use, which isn’t at all unreasonable… but with the sheer volume of washing we do I don’t think I’d put one of these in every wash. I’ll definitely keep a box handy though, for those tricky wash loads that contain colourful or patterned items that might bleed, or new garments that have me worried.

Five stars for a product that has one job and does it well, without costing the earth. It’s certainly cheaper than replacing that favourite item you’ve ruined in the machine by accident!

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