Review: My First 100 Words

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by TickTock to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

TickTockProduct: My First 100 Words

Price: £5.99

Age Range: 2-4 years

Manufacturer’s Description: My First 100 is a series of colourful and highly visual guides designed to help you teach your child new words and numbers. With bright, easy-to-recognise pictures and designed with visual humour, these books make both teaching and learning fun.

A new and exciting book containing visual representations of 100 key words every child needs to learn. Bright, vibrant pictures of familiar things your child knows and loves makes pointing and saying the words out loud a delight. The bold type means that letters, and the concept of reading, is introduced as well. All the pages feature everyday things, including cars, trucks, buses, clothes, animals and food, that adults and children will enjoy saying again and again.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

My First 100 Words

Review: Georgie really enjoys this book, with its fun photos, patterns and colours. It is full of every day things and our little girl is very pleased with herself that she can identify almost everything within its pages.

Each double page covers a different ‘topic’, these are:

  • It’s playtime – 11 toys & playthings
  • Animals – 14 creatures, both wild and domestic
  • Things that go – 12 vehicles
  • Clothes – 14 items of clothing, including hats and boots
  • Food and drink – 17 types of food and eating implements
  • Around the house – 14 every day items including a television
  • My body – 18 body parts including facial features

As you can see from this list, this book covers a wide range of areas and a lot of the pictures in it are things that your child will be in contact with daily. It’s a great starting vocabulary; indeed a lot of the words in the book were among Georgie’s first words.

The My First 100 Words book is eye-catching and really encourages young children to build up their vocabulary. I love that the pictures of the vehicles are all toys instead of actual cars & trucks – it makes it simpler and more accessible for Georgie. The background to the pages is never boring, with a wide variety of patterns and colours.

Almost everything in the book is instantly recognisable to Georgie, and the only page she struggles on a little is the body parts page. She is the perfect age for this book, and loves nothing more than to sit with an adult and leaf through the pages, pointing at each thing in turn and proudly declaring what it is.

We give this book 5 stars, and I will certainly be buying more from the series in future.

Celebrating Children's Book Week 2013!
Celebrating Children’s Book Week 2013!