Review: Fuzzikins Bedtime Buddies

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Product: Fuzzikins Bedtime Buddies

Price: £9.99 RRP

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: It’s bed time for three adorable bunnies. Colour them and make them cozy in their beds! This craft & play kit includes 3 rabbit figures, washable felt tip pens, sleeping bags and plenty of other accessories to personalise and play with. Fuzzikins are adorable flocked creatures to colour and play. With washable pens you can rinse and recolour your bunnies to decorate again!

Rating:  (5/5 stars)

Review: The girls have reviewed some Fuzzikins toys before, and they really enjoy the combination of craft and play you get with them – drawing colours and patterns onto the animals and being able to rinse and repeat whenever they like.

The Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies set comes with a family of three bunnies, with a cosy bed each for them to snuggle into, complete with sleeping masks. You get three pens so that you can decorate your bunnies however you like; grey, brown and pink. The kit also comes with felt accessories for the figures and felt stickers to decorate the beds.

The packaging is pretty clever, and folds out to become a practice colouring sheet so you can plan out your bunny designs. It’s nice to see this double functionality as we throw away so much packaging from toys these days.

The instruction book is simple enough for children to understand without parents having to decipher it for them, so I was able to give the girls everything and let them get on with it.

They really enjoyed designing their bunnies’ new looks, and creating cosy beds for them to sleep in. Lydia especially enjoyed the little superhero mask and cape the child bunny comes with. They were very pleased with the final result!

I love that you can clean your bunnies and start again with a new design – it makes the ‘playability’ of this last much longer, as it’s not a one and done product like so many other crafty type toys.

We give the Fuzzikins bedtime bunnies a 5 star review – it would make a lovely gift for any crafty kids this Easter.

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