Review: Hauck Dream ‘n’ Play Travel Cot

Product: Hauck Dream ‘n’ Play Travel Cot*

Price: £49.99 (RRP) – but usually much lower when you shop around!

Age Range: newborn+, max 14kgs

Manufacturer’s Description: The Hauck Dream and Play Travel Cot is easy to set up, collapse and fold up into its travel bag with carry handle. It comes with a 60 x 120 mattress that is made from 100% easy car nylon making it comfortable and washable, along with its airy mesh sides with sturdy feet to hold it up

Rating:      (3/5 stars)

Review: We bought our travel cot way back before Georgie was born, when we saw it on sale in Tesco. Hauck do a number of travel cots, all based on the same design – and you can usually find one on sale somewhere on the internet! We actually have the Winnie the Pooh one which comes with a bar with dangley toys over the top, which Georgie loves to watch.

Folded Up

Although it is difficult to get the hang of putting the cot up & down, if you follow the instructions printed on the mattress it’s actually easier than wrestling with it & following your natural instincts! It seems to defy common sense and so whenever I just try to work it out myself I always end up frustrated and consulting the instructions anyway! If there is one tip I have to share about this product, it’s that you should always follow the instructions and ignore the voice in the back of your head telling you it just can’t work that way!

Georgie decided she wanted to sleep sideways instead!

The cot itself is sturdy and Georgie does seem to like it – the mesh sides are nice as she quite often likes to lie there and watch the dog & I as we move around the room. She is always quite happy to have a lie down and wriggle in there if I need to pop her down and answer the front door or something! When we are home, we have it permanently set up in the front room for Georgie to nap in while downstairs – although to be honest at the moment she is napping on the sofa a lot! It’s handy to have somewhere down here where it is safe to leave her though, while I get on with some *shudder* housework.

Zonked Out!

When she gets a little older and is sitting/standing up on her own, it will provide a handy play pen for her, and I will keep it stocked with a few toys so she can have a bit of independent play in there during the day.

The provided mattress is a tiny bit hard for my taste, and quite rustley, which sometimes wakes Georgie up when I try to put her down for her nap during the day. Saying that, she has always managed to sleep well on it at nighttime, when she’s completely zonked out. The travel cot is the same as a standard size cot which means that you can just buy a cheapo mattress to go inside, which I think I will do as I’d like it to be a little more comfortable for her to nap in when it’s here at home. I don’t think we’ll be bothering to cart the mattress around with us when we go away though!

Playing in her travel cot!

The other main downside of this travel cot is the weight – it is quite heavy to haul around, and although it is manageable I wouldn’t want to carry it up a couple of flights of stairs! This is offset by the sturdiness and size of the cot though – it will last us years as she won’t be too big for it for a long time yet!

I’m giving this cot 3 stars, because although I do really like it and think it was great value for what we paid for it, it’s various quirks and weight mean I have to knock it down a bit.

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