Review: HiPP Organic baby food pouches

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by HiPP Organic to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: HiPP Organic baby food pouches

Price: £0.69 for HiPP Organic pouches ‘with baby rice’, £0.79 for HiPP Organic pouches ‘with yogurt’, £0.99 for HiPP Organic savoury and sweet pouches, £1.29 for HiPP Organic pouches – with little lumps

Age Range: 4 months+

Manufacturer’s Description: HiPP Organic pouches ‘with baby rice’ – apples and baby rice. Baby rice is a popular ‘first food’ for babies due to its gentle texture but can be bland, so we thought ‘why not mix it with a tasty flavour?’ Trying new tastes is what weaning is all about, so we have picked three fab fruity flavours and mixed them with baby rice to create a scrummy ‘first pouch’ for your baby.

HiPP Organic pouches ‘with yogurt’ – fruit and yogurt. At the very beginning, weaning is more about getting used to a spoon and new sensations than eating whole dinners. Often more food ends up on the floor than in their mouths! With this in mind we have launched a range of 70g pouches, made for smaller tummies. HiPP Organic pouches ‘with yogurt’ use organic fruits blended with yogurt to create a thick, smooth texture which is mild enough for mouths used to the taste of milk. We have two flavours, ‘banana, apple and apricot with yogurt’ and ‘peach, mango and banana with yogurt’. They also make great desserts for older babies too.

HiPP Organic savoury and sweet pouches – from the start of weaning – 100% fruit pouch. Once your little one has mastered the art of taking food from a spoon, you can really start to explore. This is a great time to try lots of different flavours so that they develop a really wide range of foods that they will eat; as what they will eat now can predict what they eat in later life.

HiPP Organic pouches – with little lumps – stage 2 savoury pouch. Our NEW pouches from 7 months plus are the only pouches available which contain little, soft lumps to help with chewing – an important skill to develop at this age. Our ‘mini meals’ are available in a 130g size (great for growing tummies!), and they all contain a source of omega 3 from organic rapeseed oil and at least one of your babies 5-a-day.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: We had a lovely box full of Hipp Organic pouches arrive for us to try out, just before our house move in December. As baby food pouches are so incredibly convenient for quick meals and snacks, it was really handy to have them to give both our girls at a time when you have to eat when you can with minimal washing up!

Hipp Organic Pouch Range

The new range includes four different types of fruit/veg pouch, for the different stages of weaning. To begin with, you can start with the smaller “with baby rice” or “with yoghurt” pouches, before moving onto the larger “smooth & mild” pouches, and then finally the “with little lumps for chewing” when your baby is getting used to different textures.

Lydia tried all of the pouches and devoured them very happily, and Georgie enjoyed the “plum, pear & blackcurrant” smooth & mild pouch, as well as the baby rice and yoghurt based fruit pouches. Our eldest disapproves of non-fruit pouches so the veg ones weren’t popular with her!

The prices of these pouches are comparable with other brands; I must admit we only tend to buy fruit pouches as occasional treats, or baby food pouches when we need them for convenience reasons – and then it is usually only when they are on special offer.

I take advantage of the “baby events” at the supermarkets to stock up the snack cupboard with pouches, as I find them useful to have a few to chuck in my changing bag for out & about. I do find them incredibly convenient for a quick and (usually) mess-free snack or meal, and they are also useful for getting food into Lydia when her teeth are hurting so she is being fussy about eating solids!

The packaging on these pouches is well designed, they are colourful and definitely appealing to young children. We passed the plastic tops onto some pre-schoolers we know to use as wheels in their craft activities at nursery!

The key points about the pouches are clearly displayed on the front of the pouch, including the recommended minimum age (e.g. 4 months+). The lids are colour co-ordinated so you can see at a glance whether they are fuit, baby rice, yoghurt or veg pouches.

The texture of all of these baby food pouches is very smooth, with the exception of the “with little lumps for chewing” pouches, which are more of a mashed rather than pureed texture.  Lydia had no problem with any of the pouches, and seemed to really enjoy the lumpier texture. I think there is a great range of different flavours too, so your baby gets a whole variety of tastes.

We give the Hipp Organic pouches 4 stars.

HiPP Weaning Infographic