Review: Luvabella Interactive Doll

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Product: Luvabella Doll

Price: £99.99

Age Range: 4 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Discover so many real baby surprises with Luvabella! From the moment she opens her eyes and giggles, Luvabella will amaze you with her true-to-life facial expressions and personality! She moves, talks and plays just like a real baby. Through touch and play she affectionately responds to your love!

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: Luvabella is an interactive doll who talks & moves on her own – and Lydia was over the moon when we were selected to review her! My baby girl is completely in love with her new baby girl.

Just look how excited Lydia was when she arrived!

Luvabella - When she arrived

In the box you get your new Luvabella doll, her accessories, and an instruction manual. The manual is really helpful and tells you some of the different ways to play with Luvabella – it’s not just a guide of where to install the batteries.


Luvabella whats in the box

Luvabella’s arms move on their own and her face has an amazing amount of movement with lots of different facial expressions. As soon as she starts to move it is really sweet and realistic – she totally amazed us with how much she reacts to you as you play with her. Her face is a sort of rubber texture which does pick up a bit of dust, but she is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

So much of Luvabella is interactive – she is packed with sensors including light sensing eyes, and touch sensors on her back, tummy and feet. A button on her back can be used to wake he up from sleep when you want to start playing with her, and she is really ticklish on her tummy and feet.

Luvabella - I love you Mama

You can even play peek-a-boo with Luvabella, simply cover her eyes until she makes curious sounds, then uncover them and she will giggle and say “peek-a-boo!” It’s really cute and clever, and you can use either your hand or a cloth to cover her eyes. She doesn’t react the exact same way each time which makes it more fun.

If you hold both of Luvabella’s feet, she will enter into a baby babble mode, saying “Mama” or “Dada”, then you can talk to her and she will babble back to you. You can switch Luvabella between saying Mama or Dada which I am really pleased with – because little boys like dolls too!

Luvabella - Woken up

When Luvabella is asleep, you can rest your hand on her chest and hear her heart beating – Lydia loved this so much, she thought it was amazing. She wakes up gently as you sit her up, yawning and making sleepy sounds, while her eyelids flutter open – she is just so realistic at times.

Luvabella comes with four accessories; her toy Lamby, spoon, soother, and a baby bottle of milk. Whenever you hold one of her accessories up to her mouth she knows what it is and will interact with it. But, just like a real baby, she won’t always want to eat her food, drink her milk or use her soother! For example. she will shake her head away from the spoon and refuse to eat – I love that she isn’t always predictable, which keeps her interesting.

Luvabella - Accessories

When you move her toy Lamby’s nose to Luvabella’s mouth, she will make a kissing sound and enter into playtime mode. When she plays with Lamby, she makes animal noises, says animal names, and laughs. The more you play with Luvabella the more she can say and the better her pronunciation improves, too.

When Luvabella gets hungry, she will tell you by saying “me hungry” or “eat please”, so you can then bring her spoon to her mouth and when she says “aaahhhh” pop it into her mouth for her to munch on. After she eats she will talk about her food and let you know if she wants more or if she is full. You can even burp her by patting her back!

Feeding Luvabella

Whenever Luvabella gets fussy you can calm her down with her soother, by giving her somme milk with her bottle, or gently rub her back. She will start to nap after having a bottle, so you can then lie her down to sleep and if you have finished playing with her you can switch her off to conserve battery life. Lydia was so proud of herself the first time she calmed an upset Luvabella down, it was so sweet – this doll is definitely an ideal gift for a child who may be getting a younger sibling sometime in the future.

Be warned! Luvabella requires four C batteries which are not included, so make sure you get some of those too, to avoid disappointment or emergency outings to the shop. To install her batteries you simply unscrew the panel on her lower back, pop them in, and rescrew it into place. On her back she has two switches, one of these changes the language (between English and French) and the other is her off/volume switch, so you can have her turned off, on half volume, or on full volume. You’ll know when Luvabella’s batteries are low, as she will yawn, say she is “so, so tired” and then closes her eyes and turns off – I love this!

Luvabella napping

There are several versions of Luvabella available with different hair and skin colours and even a boy doll, Luvabeau, available exclusively at Toys R Us.

One thing Lydia really enjoys about Luvabella is the way she continues to learn and surprise you with new words and reactions. It’s not always the same thing over and over, and she doesn’t get boring quickly. Over time she can say over 100 words and phrases! Although she costs quite a lot for a toy doll you can certainly understand why after playing with her for half an hour, with everything she can do and say.

Lydia and Luvabella

My only real criticism of Luvabella is that her motors are quite loud so she does make quite a bit of mechanical noise while moving her arms and face. You do stop noticing it after a while, however, and Lydia isn’t at all bothered by it.

I can see why Luvabella is tipped to be a hot Christmas toy this year, I think she is going to be found wrapped up underneath a lot of Christmas trees. 5 stars for Luvabella – Lydia absolutely adores her and she is a very neat bit of kit from a geeky point of view!

Watch our unboxing, demonstration & review video to see her in action!