Review: Niffler & Baby Niffler plushes

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Product: Niffler & Baby Niffler plushes from Kids @ Play

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: I absolutely loved the most recent Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, and even though they aren’t in it loads, the baby Nifflers stole the show quite a bit. And – no major spoilers here, I promise – the adult Niffler is pretty much a main character.

They are just SO DARN CUTE. Small and fluffy and attracted to all things shiny and golden, the Nifflers have been a favourite of mine since they first appeared in the Harry Potter series and Ron & Harry spent a lesson with Hagrid hunting for leprechaun’s gold at Hogwarts. 

When the Niffler appeared in the first Fantastic Beasts film I was delighted to see one in the flesh, and then the addition of the babies in the second made me go a bit bonkers – they’re adorable!

These Niffler plushes are just as cute as their on screen counterparts, and come in various sizes. The large adult Niffler accompanies the small 4 inch plushes – and they even fit inside it’s pouch – awww! 

You can also get the baby Nifflers in a larger 7 inch plush, which are super cuddly – mine has been quickly acquired by Lydia, who loved the Fantastic Beasts films and was over the moon to have her very own baby Niffler. 

The adult Niffler is going to join my ever-increasing collection of cute fluffy toys on my office daybed, with two of it’s babies tucked up snuggly in it’s pouch. My office has a slight Harry Potter theme to it so it definitely needed a Niffler to add to the collection of bits in there!

As you can tell, I’m pretty much in love with these Niffler products, definitely 5 stars from me – and Lydia too!