Review: Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Sets

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Skye & Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue Track Set & PAW Patrol – Roll Patrol Rocky’s Barn Rescue Track Set

Price: £39.99 & £19.99 (RRP)

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Build your very own Adventure Bay rescue with the Paw Patrol Skye & Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue Track Set. Experience the fun of a true Paw Patrol rescue mission with the Lighthouse Rescue that features Zuma’s Hovercraft vehicle and Skye mini figure. The PAW Patrol is on a roll with Rocky’s Barn Rescue Track Set! Kids will love to build the track set and recreate their favorite PAW Patrol missions with Farmer Al’s Racer vehicle and Rocky mini figure.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

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Review: Both Georgie and Lydia are avid Paw Patrol fans, but we don’t actually have a lot of the toys in the house, so when these two Roll Patrol toys arrived to review they were both extremely excited! We were sent both the Skye & Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue and the Rocky’s Barn Rescue sets to review.

Fairly new from Spinmaster, these Roll Patrol sets are made up of interlocking track pieces, so you can rearrange and combine sets to your heart’s content. The girls really enjoyed putting the sets together and then changing the track layout each time they have played with it.

Roll Patrol Sets

The Lighthouse Rescue set comes with a “12 track pieces”, which includes 3 red track ends/ramps and 4 water ramps, 1 crossroad, 1 merge track, 2 water merge tracks, and 1 straight water piece. You also get the lighthouse section (in several parts), a Wally track piece, and a dock. As far as Paw Patrol pups are concerned, you get Skye & Zuma, who is fixed in his hovercraft racer.

The much simpler Barn Rescue set comes with 8 track pieces; 4 straights & 4 corners – allowing you to make a rectangle or square, basically. You also get Al’s barn, which clips cleverly into the underside of the straight track pieces, Rocky, and Farmer Al in his truck. You also get a sheet of stickers which you can use to decorate the track.

Both sets have some interactivity which makes them fun to play with. I quite like the fact that it is all fairly simple with no beeping or jingles playing – the only thing a little bit of battery power is needed for is lighting up an LED, and the batteries are included.

With the Lighthouse set, you can press the top of the lighthouse and a clear plastic arm, which you can fix Skye to, rotates around while the lighthouse lights up. Also, you can send a vehicle racing down the ramp, either to free Wally from his cage, or go flying off the end of the dock into the water – depending on how you arrange the trees.

For the Barn Rescue set, you can twist the weather vane on the top of the barn, and the barn door spins from closed to open. Press the button on the hay bale next to the barn, and it spins back to the closed position. Rocky sits nicely in the back of Farmer Al’s truck, so he can hitch a ride to go and save the day.

These sets are fairly simple, and the vehicles are both moved around mostly by pushing them manually around the track, but there are some fun details to the sets which any little Paw Patrol fan is bound to enjoy. I especially like the fact the interlocking jigsaw bits on the tracks are in the shape of Ryder’s badge, and a couple of the track pieces in the Lighthouse set have sandy coloured bits so you can make it go from the water to the beach. It’s nice to see Bettina the cow peeking out of the barn, too.

Both Georgie and Lydia are able to rearrange the tracks themselves, and play with it on their own very happily – except for fixing Skye onto her twirling lighthouse piece, which is a bit tricky.

Here is a video of the girls building the sets, having a play, and giving their opinions about these toys:

Overall they have been very pleased with these toys, and have invented all manner of rescue situations for the pups to get involved in. I like that you can buy more sets to expand your very own Adventure Bay, and they can be mixed up in different layouts. They seem like good quality and shouldn’t break too easily.

My only real negative for these sets is they are on the pricier side – but you pay for the branding, and these are the Paw Patrol pups you’re getting, not just a generic track toy. For huge fans of the pups, the extra spend can be worth it. 4 stars for these fun toys.