Review: Russell the dream sheepdog

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Sweet Dreamers to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Russell the dream sheepdog

Price: £34.99

Age Range: 18 months+

Manufacturer’s Description: Our adorable cuddly Russell® with sofly changing warm glow, gently lights up the room with a calming green and blue ‘colour therapy’ display. Russell® is a great way to help toddlers feel comforted and secure at bedtime as his enchanting ‘light show’ lulls them off to sleep. Better still Russell® has a voice recorder so parents can record themselves, songs or favourite stories for their toddler to enjoy. Cute, cuddly and comforting… Russell® is set to become a favourite at toddler’s bedtimes as he helps combat fear of the dark and eliminates bedtime battles.

Rating:  (5/5 stars)


Review: Lydia has been in love with her Ewan the dream sheep practically from birth; it has always helped her to settle, and she uses Ewans (both big and small) as her comfort when she goes to bed, or whenever she is hurt or upset. It was a no brainer to then get a Russell the sheepdog – after all, she needs a sheepdog to manage her flock of Ewans, she now has two dream sheeps and two snugglies!

Russell is bigger and fluffier than Ewan, and is the second stage sleep aid from Sweet Dreamers. Suitable from 18 months, he has a not-too-bright light show of calming blues and greens, and just over 30 minutes audio playback. These functions are operated separately by clicking his front paws, and Lydia will quite often just have one or the other running as she drifts off to sleep.


The audio playback feature plays 8 repetitions of an “up to 4 minute” recording, which is long enough to record your child’s favourite tune or a beloved story. There is no pre-recorded audio, but instead you have the freedom to use whatever sound settles your child the best.

I used my iPhone to play back one of Lydia’s favourite lullabies, and just popped it down near to the sheep to record. Following the instructions, it was really easy for me to get the recording sorted out and the whole thing took less than 10 minutes to sort out. Lydia was delighted to head the lullaby version of “Can you feel the love tonight?” playing from her new snuggly friend.



Russell is super cuddly and very cute. His purple and white fur matches Ewan perfectly and Lydia knew straight away that he matched her beloved sheep. His fur is incredibly soft and silky to stroke, and even a month or so into testing, with lots of cuddles and a few trips, he still looks and feels great.

The electronics have worked perfectly and the batteries seem to be lasting fine. He requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. Lydia doesn’t turn him on every night, but he always has to be in her bed, and near the pillow end (where the most important soft toys go, in her mountain of them).



We give Russell 5 stars, definitely another hit from Sweet Dreamers and a perfect continuation of the product line from Ewan. I would recommend this to any soft toy loving toddler, especially those who have a Ewan or two that need to be watched over by a friendly sheepdog!