Review: Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product: Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Price: £38.99

Manufacturer’s Description: Songmics kids’ storage unit is a wonderful addition to any playroom and is a fun way to add extra storage or display your little one’s favourite toys! It has nine plastic storage containers and is child-sized so that they can learn to retrieve and put away their books, toys and games by themselves.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Review: We were sent a Songmics Toy Storage Unit review, and it is perfect timing as we will be getting rid of my old desk in the living room soon, leaving space for more toy storage. The living room is going to just be a family room from now on, for play & relaxation – rather than also including my workspace… this will leave the girls so much more room to play, and a unit like this is perfect as it will give them easy access to their favourite toys, as well as make tidying up easier for them.

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

The flatpack unit came well packaged in a cardboard box, with protective bubble wrap on the “wooden” ends. Made of  “high-quality density fibreboard” the unit is really easy to put together, with the trickiest bit being threading the book storage fabric onto the poles. In the box you get almost everything you need to put it together – you’ll just need a cross head screwdriver. 

What's in the box - Songmics Toy Storage Unit
What’s in the box – Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Lydia and I put the unit together and she was very happy holding the bits in place while I screwed the poles into place. You basically attach all of them to one side, and then line up the other side to the poles and screw them into place, after sliding the fabric onto the top three poles.

You get six plastic storage bins which you can arrange however you like on the bottom two sets of poles. You can fit two of the larger ones together, or mix one larger with two smaller ones. They are all lovely bright colours and match the fabric nicely. The 78 cm high unit is a good size for small children to easily access their toys & books.

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

Overall we are pretty pleased with this unit. It seems pretty good quality and went together easily & quickly. Price wise it seems like a good deal, too – you couldn’t find much better for £38.99. 5 stars for this unit – as you can see despite it being in it’s temporary home of my office the girls haven’t been able to resist filling it up with stuff!