Review: Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

Price: From £24

Manufacturer’s Description: Our fingerless gloves are our best-selling product. In soft and cosy cashmere they are designed to be worn as a glove or a wrist-warmer and kept on all day. We get loads of positive feedback about them keeping the fingers warm by keeping the wrists covered and are often told that they are great for arthritis and Raynaud’s sufferers. They are also difficult to lose when worn as recommended and they feel and look great on…as well as coming in a never-ending array of lovely colours.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: Turtle Doves fingerless gloves are made from recycled cashmere jumpers, which makes them kind to the environment, super soft and comfortable, and lovely and warm. I was sent a pair of striped gloves, and absolutely love them.

Each pair of gloves is unique, and they have loads of colours available to choose from on their website. As well as gloves, they have a whole range of products available including some ridiculously adorable baby booties and gift sets. The packaging was simple yet attractive, and there is a Turtle Doves label attached to one of the gloves.

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

These gloves are super soft and keep my wrists and hands feeling snuggly and warm, while leaving my fingers free to manipulate things without problem. I have no idea why it works, but keeping the bulk of my hand and my wrists covered with the fabric keeps the tips of my fingers from feeling as cold. You can also take your thumb out of the hole and slide them down a bit to use them just as wrist warmers.

I wear these sat at my desk working on my computer – I get cold hands and fingers in that corner of the room but can’t stand typing with gloves on! Of course, the lack of fabric on your fingers also means you can use touch screens so they are perfect for when I am using my iPhone or iPad too, especially as I use my iPhone to take a lot of photos while we are out & about.

The gloves cover quite a fair bit down your wrist, and then up to the base of your fingers, with a hole cut out for your thumb. The fabric is folded over at the finger end and sewn into place, keeping your knuckles cosy & warm. I find them incredibly comfortable to wear and have been wearing them inside & out for a few weeks.

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

When wearing regular gloves I find I often have cold wrists where my sleeve and my gloves don’t quite meet or overlap enough. That isn’t a problem at all with these gloves, as they combine the length of a pair of wrist warmers with the practicality of fingerless gloves. My skin can be quite sensitive with scratchy fabrics, so the super soft cashmere is really nice against my skin and causes no irritation at all.

The gloves are machine washable on a cold setting, so I don’t have to worry too much about them getting grubby when I’m playing with the girls outside. There are a lot of slightly muddy sticks out there in the world that apparently must be picked up, and I seem to frequently end up having to hold them for Lydia.

I can quite easily see myself buying a few more pairs of these gloves so I have a pair at my desk, another in my handbag, and so on! They are so cosy and really help with my cold fingers at my desk issue, which is certainly increasing my productivity. I love the way they look & feel on my hands.

5 stars for these super cosy yet practical fingerless gloves.