Review: WOW Toys Jurassic Jimmy

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by WOW Toys to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

wow_logoProduct: Jurassic Jimmy

Price: £15.93*

Age Range: 1½ – 5

Manufacturer’s Description: Come back in time with me, Jurassic Jimmy! I’ve seen dinosaurs and cavemen and I’ve even bought some back to the 21st century with me. My good dinosaur friends, Bronty and Tricksy, are here to teach you the wonders of the prehistoric age and along with Stig, the caveman, we’ll be sure to learn lots and have lots of fun!

My motorised truck and trailer can pull the whole set along to see the marvels of the dinosaur age. Tricksy’s dinosaur egg can break open to reveal Tricksy just in time for play time with her best friend, Bronty. We just love to cave paint in our spare time, but we try and stay away from the nasty sabre-tooth tigers that prowl the Jurassic parks!

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Jurassic Jimmy

Review: When we were offered a WOW toy to review I had a great time browsing the great selection of toys on their website, and opted for this dinosaur set. Georgie loves all sorts of animals and is also a fan of trucks so this set looked like a great way to introduce her to some cute dinos, and provide her with a great little toy truck to boot.

When it arrived, my first impressions were quite good. The box is colourful and inviting, provided lots of information about the toy inside, and had a clear plastic window showing everything  you get inside the box. No relying on photos on the box here, which I think is great as you get to see exactly what size of toy you’re getting for your money, and see what it actually looks like.

One big downside to the informative & well displayed packaging was there seemed to be a lot of plastic. It took me quite a while to “break in” to the toy, as each part was secured with wires and chunks of black plastic. This is definitely not a toy you could hand over to a toddler and expect them to be able to get into themselves. This isn’t the most eco-friendly type of packaging around either.

Once I’d wrestled the toy from it’s constraints, Georgie could not WAIT to get her hands on it. She was soon racing the truck about the table, loving the fact that it would travel a nice distance on one good shove.

The dinosaurs, “Tricksy” and “Bronty,” were very well received by our little girl, as was “Stig” the caveman. Georgie was soon swapping dinosaurs in & out of the egg and truck, and slotting Stig into his driving spot in the truck.

As well as the three characters, you also get a truck with trailer that hooks on to the back, with magnets providing extra strength to the connection. A giant plastic dinosaur egg can sit on the back of the truck, and comes apart to reveal Tricksy inside. Bronty can ride around in the rear of the truck itself.

When you push the truck it makes a very satisfying sound effect, with no batteries required! None of the toys in the WOW Toys range require batteries, and instead use clever methods to create movement and sounds.

The design of this toy and it’s characters is great fun, and the construction seems very solid. Georgie has been playing with her truck for a while now and it isn’t showing any signs of damage or wear. She loves to push it along and to put the characters in and out of their places.

The only thing she finds a little challenging is putting the egg together, as you have to rotate it so that the WOW Toys logo lines up properly on the two halves, before it will click into place. It would be better, I think, if you could have the top at any degree of rotation and still be able to close the egg.

This toy arrived not long after Lydia did, so Georgie has been playing with it for a few months now, and the fun hasn’t worn off yet. As soon as it was unpacked after the house move (a.k.a. the reason this review has taken a shamefully long time to write.. well, that and the baby!) she had her hands on it and also surprised us by saying “dinosaur” for the first time!

Overall I have decided to give this 4 out of 5 stars. It is a lovely toy which Georgie enjoys playing with, but the difficult & non-eco-friendly packaging lets it down.

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