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Disclosure: I was provided with a £40 voucher by Zalando to be in order for me to review their site. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the site & products.

Zalando logoProduct: Children’s Clothing from Zalando

Price: varies – the t-shirts I chose were all between £7 & £10 per top

Age Range: 0 – 16 years

Manufacturer’s Description: Children’s clothing should be able to endure the many big and little adventures that your child experiences every day. Luckily it’s not hard to find children’s clothes on Zalando which will satisfy young fashion-fans as well as attentive parents. Both you and your children will fall in love with the selection of kids’ clothing available at Zalando!

Browse through our wide range of children’s clothes and choose the items that will suit your child’s developing character best. For happy little ones, make sure you choose clothing that they will adore having fun in. In our online boutique you can choose from children’s wear designs from a range of top brands. Children’s t-shirts, jumpers, trousers and so much more can be found in our exciting selection of attire for little people.

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: I was offered £40 to spend at Zalando, so that I could review the site & the clothes on offer. As the weather is getting increasingly cold & Georgie’s winter wardrobe is somewhat lacking, I decided to use the money to buy her some new long sleeved t-shirts. She often refuses to wear a jumper or cardigan indoors so long sleeved tops are a must for us in cooler weather!


With some savvy shopping, I managed to find five really nice 2-3 years tops for my £40 voucher. I was surprised at how much I got for my money, as I always thought it was pricier than that. The ordering process was easy and there were plenty of ways to sort through and narrow down my choices on the website – although they have hundreds of items available the easy navigation of the website made sure that it wasn’t too overwhelming.

Checkout was simple and I was able to sign up to the site easily, allowing me to keep tabs on my order. I was kept up to day via email about the status of my order, and it was delivered quickly. Shipping is free too, no matter how big or small your order, so that’s great.

Georgie loves bright colours and fun designs on her tops, so the items I chose were:

She has now worn all of these tops, and we have also washed them all. We even ignored the instructions on the two Esprit tops and tumble dried them (ok, so James didn’t READ the instructions). All four tops have washed really well despite our mistake, and they all came out looking good as new despite Georgie’s mistreatment of them whilst wearing them!

At two years old Georgie is quite hard on her clothes; she is constantly on the go, drawing, eating, drinking, and so on – there are constant opportunities for her to get her clothes grubby throughout the day and you can depend on her to succeed in that! It’s great that all five tops have survived the gauntlet and washed so well at 40°.

All five of the tops seem to be very comfortable and the sizing is spot on. They are all 100% cotton so very soft against her skin, with non of the labels being too scratchy for her sensitive skin.

I love the five designs; the cat face is Georgie’s favourite, though she also loves the monkey and sheep tops. The deer top is a lovely glittery shade of pink & I adore the “you are the  of my eye” top!

I think that £40 for 5 good quality 100% cotton tops, all with designs on, is quite good value. The free shipping & returns at Zalando mean that it’s a fairly risk free shopping experience – if something doesn’t fit you can just send it back and get a different size at no extra cost. After being stung by exorbitant delivery & return fees in the past, I think this is great!

We give these clothes & Zalando 5 stars.

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