Snowed in & poorly!

The last week and a half have been a bit crazy here in Birmingham. We are living in one of the most heavily affected areas by the recent snow storms, and I think we are just lucky that we didn’t have to deal with any power cuts.

Georgie and Lydia were off school on Friday 8th after some heavy snow overnight, and then on Saturday night even more snow fell, continuing all day Sunday until we had around 20cm on the ground and were well and truly snowed in!

Unfortunately the heavy snow and a power cut at the Arley Station meant that the girls missed out on their planned Santa Steam Special trip on the Severn Valley Railway. James did manage to pop out with them in the afternoon while the snow was still fresh and the roads passable, to take them to their friend’s birthday party instead, which made up for the disappointment a bit. While he was out he grabbed his laptop from work which allowed him to work from home on the Monday, which was a very good idea as the roads were terrible Monday morning.

Meanwhile, beginning on Friday, I started to feel really unwell and ended up with a high fever, chills, aching, swollen glands, exhaustion… plus an inability to swallow pretty much anything. You get the picture. A torch and a mirror confirmed that my tonsils were massive, not to mention rather disgusting looking. At one point I couldn’t even seem to take a deep breath without it hurting like crazy, and during my most feverish moments I may have stuck my PJ clad torso and head out into the falling snow.

For around 5 days I existed on easy to swallow meals like stewed apple and tinned soup, but thankfully I’m on the mend now with the help of a diagnosis of bacterial tonsillitis and a packet of antibiotics from the GP.

Despite feeling pretty rough I did manage to venture outside into the snow a few times with the girls. They could only really cope with around 10 minutes or so before getting cold so that suited my extremely low energy levels! One of our neighbours leant us a sled, so they even got to enjoy sledging for the first time, which they loved.

The school reopened on Wednesday, although extremely slippy and icy conditions have been limiting things a bit all week, including Georgie’s nativity performance being postponed so they didn’t have people leaving the school in the dark.

Thankfully I am feeling much more human this week, even though my throat is still croaky and sore and energy-wise I’m feeling completely wiped out. Most of the snow has disappeared so hopefully this last week of school will go to (the very busy) schedule!

This afternoon we are off to watch Lydia’s nativity, she is very proud of being a Star, and then this week there is also an ‘inspire workshop’, class Christmas parties, Georgie’s Christmas performance, Christmas Dinner day, end of term achievement assembly, Singday (who knows what that is?!). Then on Friday after school it’s off to Morrisons to collect our Christmas dinner order, so I need to work on a shopping list for the veggies etc. It’s a bit of a packed week for the girls!