The 2013 Slow Toy Seven!

We are huge fans of “slow toys” in this house, and when I saw that the Slow Toy Movement were announcing the winners of their Slow Toy Awards last week I was eager to see what the winning products would be.

If you don’t know what a “slow toy” is, here are the entry criteria for the Slow Toy Movement awards, which should give you a good idea:

  • Must be available in independent stores,
  • Must inspire the mind
  • Must not require batteries
  • Must not be solely made from plastic
  • It has to stand the test of time
  • It has to promise true play value
  • It must be a well made toy

I love to encourage Georgie to play with slow toys, as you can see her imagination at work and the things she says and does are just adorable. We have tea parties with her toys, play bangy drums, build structures out of blocks, make amazing train tracks, and have a whale of a time… without a single scrap of plastic or any AA batteries.

Of course, she does have some noisy toys too, and plastic ones – but as she gets older we are definitely getting more & more toys that fit the slow toy definition. I will be sharing what we have bought for the girls stockings soon, and that includes quite a few wooden toys.

Here are the seven winners of the 2013 Slow Toy Awards. I am thinking ahead to my two girls’ birthdays next year, and I have an inkling that one or two of these may appear in our home sometime in 2014!

The Slow Toy 7

Moover Dolls Pram – £74.95

I was lucky enough to spot one of these at The Baby Show last Friday, and it is something to be seen to be appreciated fully. It is absolutely gorgeous, and sturdy enough to use as a walker for baby’s first steps too, if you fill it with a few toys to weigh it down a little. It felt & looked really well made too. I had a lovely chat with the folks from Hug & Co about it, and you can find it for sale on their baby shower & gifts website.

East Coast Activity Cube – £39.99

Georgie used to have a wooden activity cube when she was younger, and she really loved it. The one she had, although similar to this, doesn’t actually look quite as good – so I am sure this East Coast one would be a huge hit with any baby or young toddler. The only reason we sold ours on was to save space, and I have been quite tempted to get one for Lydia… maybe this one, next year? This particular activity cube can be found on Amazon* at about a fiver below the RRP.

GALT Tiny TrikeGALT Tiny Trike – £39.99

As with the activity cube, this cute wooden trike is aimed at 12 months+ and is one of the cutest looking ride on toys I have seen for a while! It looks really stable and the colours are great. You can find this sweet trike at the Galt Toys website.

HABA My First Play World Fire Brigade – £34.99

We discovered HABA toys for the first time this year when Lydia reviewed one of their clutch toys on the blog. Still a firm favourite, our first experience was overwhelmingly positive as the toy was well made and lots of fun. This fire brigade set looks fantastic too, and I could see Georgie adoring this. She loves to make up little stories with the people from her wooden train set, and stand people around in groups – a set like this really encourages imaginative play. You can buy this play set from The Toadstool’s online toy shop.

Meccano Multi Model 15 Set

Meccano Multi Models Set – £22.99

When I was young I loved to play with Meccano – anything that involved building or creating something out of parts was a big hit with me! I will definitely be buying Georgie and Lydia some Meccano when they are old enough, and this set looks like a great starting point, with fifteen different models possible using the same 252 parts. This set can be found on Amazon* and includes all the tools you need to. Fantastic for developing your child’s imagination and definitely not just for boys!

Fat Brain Toys TWIG – £32

This TWIG set is something completely new. Fat Brain Toys have turned around and reinvented the building block, and it looks fascinating. I think that our little girl would really love this set in a few months, and although it isn’t readily available in the UK yet, I am going to try my best to track it down for her 3rd birthday next year! With the TWIG set, it’s not just about stacking, you are putting pieces together in different ways to anything I’ve seen before.

Bigjigs Around the World Train Set – £49.99

As regular readers of my blog will know, Georgie is a Bigjigs Toys Play Patrol agent, and we regularly test and review toys from Bigjigs Toys. We are also building up quite a collection of wooden railway, a large amount of which is Bigjigs Rail. As such, I was really pleased to see their great products get this recognition in the Slow Toy Awards. The Around the World set looks great, and really educational too – I love the little Eiffel Tower, and the Sydney Opera House! You can find this fun train set at the Bigjigs Toys online shop.

A few of these toys are definitely going to be on the kids birthday lists next year, and they’d be on their Christmas lists too if I hadn’t already finished my Christmas shopping! What do you think about the 2013 Slow Toy Awards winners – are they worthy champions?

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  1. It’s great to see meccano in there, and all the winners are really worthy, lovely toys. This year they all seem a really affordable bunch too, which is even better 🙂

    1. Yes, almost all of these would be within a Christmas or birthday budget for us! I loved Meccano when I was a kid so I’m pleased it’s still going strong 🙂

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