6 months with the iPad Pro

Back in April I upgraded from a 9.7″ iPad Mini to an iPad Pro, and I have been really happy with that decision ever since. I’ve been able to switch from using a laptop to my lovely new Hackintosh desktop machine, as the iPad Pro handles everything I need to do on a mobile device.

I thought I would share my favourite accessories and apps that I use here on Mama Geek, as I love to see what other people recommend!

iPad Pro Accessories


Apple Pencil – I bought the Pencil at some time as the iPad, and it was a large part of why I upgraded. I probably use my Pencil every day – to both draw and write. It’s incredibly responsive & great to use.

Logitech Keys-To-Go – Rather than opting for a keyboard case, I use a seperate bluetooth keyboard that I can slip into my bag alongside my iPad. It is really nice to type on and really lightweight. I hardly ever have to charge it, and I just wish they did a version with backlit keys.

MoKo Ultra Slim Case – I really dislike using really bulky cases on slim devices, and this iPad case is lovely & slim whilst still providing reasonable protection to my iPad including covering the screen when closed, so I can carry it in my bag without worrying about scratches. The colourful design makes me smile, and it supports the iPad in two different positions which are great for work, play, and watching videos.

MoKo Apple Pencil Holder Case – I use this to keep my pencil & other bits and pieces safe and sound. It holds all the adapters & cables I use regularly for my mobile devices.

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter – this was pricey but is really handy as it allows me to import straight from a camera into my iPad which is really useful when we are away, in particular.

PencilCozy – this is a handy little silicon doohickey that fits onto the cap & body of your Pencil and keeps your cap safe. While you charge your pencil, the cap stays safely attached to the Pencil, which is perfect for anyone like me who shouldn’t be trusted with small yet important objects!

iBed tray – This is a new purchase and perfect for when I am working in bed. A small lap tray with a cushion underneath and a slit to hold my iPad in place, I can have my keyboard on the tray to type – handy!

iBed Tray


MyScript Nebo – This is a recent discovery and was only released a few months ago. It’s a great handwriting recognition app which allows you to hand-write text documents, complete with some basic formatting.

Pigment – A lovely colouring app, with free pages to colour and a subscription option allowing access to hundreds of designs to colour. There are lots of different tools to colour with and you can limit yourself to colour inside or outside the lines.

iA Writer – This is my favourite distraction-free app to type in. It syncs seamlessly with the iA Writer apps on my iPhone and Mac so I can start writing on one device and finish on another.

Coda – This is a pretty fully featured web developer app which syncs with the Mac app. It allows me to do odd bits of work from my iPad – log in via ftp to do quick fixes and so on.

GoodNotes 4 – This is my favourite app for taking notes with my Apple Pencil. I use this instead of a notepad and pen a lot of the time, especially at events, or when planning posts.

Procreate – This app is probably the most popular drawing apps on the iPad. I’ve been using it for years and it just gets better and better. It has buckets of features, and is even better with the Pencil.

Graphic – This is my app of choice for vector drawing. Easy to use and I can open and edit the files on the Mac too.

Pixelmator – this is probably my favourite app for editing photos on the iPad. You can resize, crop, and edit levels and so on.

Notes – I use the built in notes app a lot, for quick notes, check lists, and sketches. I like that it syncs with my iPhone and Hackintosh, and being able to sort the notes by folders is really handy. With the latest updates to this app I prefer it over the third party apps I used to use.

iPad Home Screen

I use lots more of course, with some fun casual games installed, great utility apps and some fab creativity apps. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more of my favourites!

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