6 months with the Nintendo Switch

Last year James used my birthday as an excuse to buy Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch. We’ve had it for around six months now, so I thought I would blog about how we’ve got on with it.

Initially, we had a handful of games; 1 2 Switch, Just Dance 2017, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Splatoon 2. We didn’t buy Zelda Breath of the Wild straight away as we already had it on the Wii U thanks to a several year old pre-order which was £20 cheaper than the release day price!

Since getting the Switch, we have also bought the following games: Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Snipperclips Plus, Stardew Valley, and Minecraft Story Mode. We’ve also recently sold our WiiU copy of Zelda and bought the Switch version – there is logic behind that decision, I promise!

So what do we think of the Switch? Personally, I love it. It is a fantastic bit of tech; the flow between handheld mode to docked on the TV is seamless – making switching between the two so easy I often do it several times an evening if I’m relaxing with a game. Play on the TV while James is putting the kids to bed, then switch to handheld mode to continue playing while we put something to watch on the TV – or James plays on the PS4. I love that we can chill out and game in the same room on two different consoles!

My favourite games on the Switch so far are (no surprises here) Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, and Zelda. I also really enjoy Snipperclips and Stardew Valley – there are a huge amount of indie games available on the store, and some of them look beautiful.

Mario Kart 8 is one that we owned on the Wii U, so we dragged our heels on purchasing the Deluxe Switch version – but I wished we hadn’t. If you have young children like ours (4 and 6), then this new version is just brilliant. The addition of smart steering and auto acceleration gives them just enough help for us to be able to play together as a family – and I must admit the auto acceleration helps me too, no more button indentation on my thumb at the end of the game! The girls enjoy playing this on their own too, and the CPU adjusts to their level of play so even Lydia has won a few races.

When it comes down to Zelda, I pretty much completed the game on the Wii U but was reluctant to purchase the DLC on that console as we are planning to sell it in the next year – Georgie’s love of Super Mario Maker is pretty much the only thing holding us back, and we are getting a DS for the kids to share with the credit from my iPhone trade in, so she can play it on that instead. I’m currently happily replaying the game on the Switch, and my inner completionist is delighted to hunt down seemingly endless Korok seeds.

As for the Switch itself, we haven’t run into a single problem. We keep a screen protector on it and have a carry case for leaving the house, and it is still in great condition 6 months on. We mostly use it handheld or while docked, and I love being able to take it around the house to play it upstairs or in my office when I’m having a break. I definitely recommend this console – especially to families. Even if they are just watching an adult play, the girls have been really enjoying it – and Lydia adores getting her groove on with Just Dance!