6 months with the Nintendo Switch

Last year James used my birthday as an excuse to buy Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch. We’ve had it for around six months now, so I thought I would blog about how we’ve got on with it. Initially, we had a handful of games; 1 2 Switch, Just Dance 2017, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Splatoon 2. We didn’t buy Zelda Breath of the Wild straight… Continue Reading “6 months with the Nintendo Switch”

My Lego Dimensions set up

My Lego Dimensions set up

I got my first Lego Dimensions stuff last Christmas. I started off with the Starter Pack and by the end of the Christmas holidays I also had the Unikitty fun pack, the Doctor Who level pack – some excellent use of my Christmas money! Fast forward 11 months later and my collection has expanded a fair bit. We’ve bought the odd pack through special offers,… Continue Reading “My Lego Dimensions set up”

Our favourite Christmas presents!

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas now, and just enough time to see which presents have been one-hit wonders, and which will be well-used and much-loved. Thankfully, not much has dive-bombed and been dropped in a box to be forgotten forever – a few of the silly little stocking fillers maybe, but nothing big from under the tree has been a failure. Phew! We didn’t… Continue Reading “Our favourite Christmas presents!”

Review: GamerPrint Scumm Bar T-shirt

We discovered the GamerPrint brand when we visited EGX last month, and James bought one of their fabulously geeky yet stylish Mario t-shirts. When we got back home we checked out their site, and I was delighted to see that they stocked Monkey Island t-shirts too, something I’ve never seen before.… Continue Reading “Review: GamerPrint Scumm Bar T-shirt”

Self indulgences & family time – Little Loves

This week has been another mixed one – Lydia and I went down to London for a day, and we had some of the girls friends over for a fun twitter party, but the rest of the week has been really relaxed as we’ve all been under the weather & that was enough activity for us lot! The girls haven’t missed any school/pre-school, but they’ve… Continue Reading “Self indulgences & family time – Little Loves”

EGX: Our pick of (mostly) family friendly games

We really enjoyed EGX, and had fun checking out all the newest family-friendly games – as well as a few of what we call our “after bedtime” games! With the kids These are games that the girls, Georgie in particular, would enjoy playing with us.  Super Mario Maker Wii U Nintendo We are big Mario fans in our household so when we got to EGX… Continue Reading “EGX: Our pick of (mostly) family friendly games”