An evening with Prezzybox #JingleMingle

On Wednesday evening I headed into town to attend Prezzybox’s Jingle Mingle Christmas event. I know, it’s still a little bit early to be saying the C word but in the world of marketing it all kicks off even earlier than this! They have a fantastic team of people behind the gift company, and it was great to meet them and have some nice chats… Continue Reading “An evening with Prezzybox #JingleMingle”

Our favourite Christmas presents!

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas now, and just enough time to see which presents have been one-hit wonders, and which will be well-used and much-loved. Thankfully, not much has dive-bombed and been dropped in a box to be forgotten forever – a few of the silly little stocking fillers maybe, but nothing big from under the tree has been a failure. Phew! We didn’t… Continue Reading “Our favourite Christmas presents!”

Review: Wicked Uncle – an online gift shop for children

We were invited to try out the Wicked Uncle online gift shop, to buy some presents for our girls and share our thoughts on the site. Wicked Uncle gave us a £40 voucher to spend how we liked, and we had fun choosing gifts for Georgie and Lydia.

Rather than sort toys by category, Wicked Uncle let you choose the gender and then age of the child you are shopping for, and then display everything they stock that is suitable for that child.… Continue Reading “Review: Wicked Uncle – an online gift shop for children”

Review: Debenhams Flowers

When these flowers arrived, I was definitely in need of a pick me up! We had found out the evening before that we need to move out of our home by Christmas, due to our landlord serving us notice on our tenancy. To say that I was in a bit of a bad mood that morning is an understatement!… Continue Reading “Review: Debenhams Flowers”

Wednesday Wishlist: Jubilee Mementos

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend there are so many gorgeous Jubilee gifts and mementos available to buy and I am having to severely restrain myself from spending all of my husband’s pay cheque at once! Here are a few of my favourites for this week’s Wednesday Wishlist… Little Bits of Unity   This adorable padded heart from Little Stitches is handmade and embellished with… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Jubilee Mementos”