This year’s Top 12 toys for Christmas!

Today I was in London to visit the DreamToys event, where a panel of toy expert judges have revealed what they expect to be 2017s Top 12 sought after toys for Christmas. With some brilliant toys on display, including all dozen ‘top toys’ I have spent my morning checking out the latest and greatest toys that will be appearing beneath Christmas trees this December.… Continue Reading “This year’s Top 12 toys for Christmas!”

Dream Toys 2016 top 12

Dreamtoys 2016

This morning I’ve been in London at the 2016 Dreamtoys event, to find out what the top toys are this Christmas. Each year a panel of “leading toy retailers” come together to look at the latest and greatest toys, and to predilection which dozen toys will be the best sellers for the Christmas period. I had a lot of fun chatting to lots of different… Continue Reading “Dreamtoys 2016”

Our favourite Christmas presents!

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas now, and just enough time to see which presents have been one-hit wonders, and which will be well-used and much-loved. Thankfully, not much has dive-bombed and been dropped in a box to be forgotten forever – a few of the silly little stocking fillers maybe, but nothing big from under the tree has been a failure. Phew! We didn’t… Continue Reading “Our favourite Christmas presents!”

Review: Wicked Uncle – an online gift shop for children

We were invited to try out the Wicked Uncle online gift shop, to buy some presents for our girls and share our thoughts on the site. Wicked Uncle gave us a £40 voucher to spend how we liked, and we had fun choosing gifts for Georgie and Lydia.

Rather than sort toys by category, Wicked Uncle let you choose the gender and then age of the child you are shopping for, and then display everything they stock that is suitable for that child.… Continue Reading “Review: Wicked Uncle – an online gift shop for children”

Review: Sofia the First Micro Playsets

We were sent a selection from the new Sofia the First Micro Playsets range to review ahead of a twitter party, so that the children attending could play with the toys and put them through their paces. The sets we received were the amulet, tiara, bracelet and magic wand. They are all marked as 3 years + and all come with small micro figures that hide inside.… Continue Reading “Review: Sofia the First Micro Playsets”

Review: Fireman Sam – Jupiter Drive and Steer

As soon as I told my husband James that we were going to be reviewing one of these toys, he was excited. The little boy in him was delighted at the prospect of a remote-control vehicle with a steering wheel to turn instead of switches to flick. A fire engine, no less!

The first time he played with it, he loved it. He whizzed it around our laminate flooring quite happily, manoeuvring it quite well around the corners, and we both even managed to do some 3 (ok, maybe 4 or 5) point turns with the little fire truck.… Continue Reading “Review: Fireman Sam – Jupiter Drive and Steer”

What gives a toy “special favourite” status?

A lot of children have that one special toy. A teddy bear, blanket or soft toy that has been awarded the high honour of being the special favourite. My brother had a special blankie when he was little. A flannel cot sheet that our mother cut into quarters, so that there could be a blankie rotation – one in use, one dirty, one spare and… Continue Reading “What gives a toy “special favourite” status?”

Gender-specific toys – keeping it neutral

I grew up as a bit of a tomboy, playing with a wide variety of toys from barbies to meccano, and everything else in between. My favourite toys as a child tended to be gender-neutral things such as lego or playmobil – toys that involved building or lots of imagination. I’m keen for Georgie (and any other future children we have) to grow into well-rounded… Continue Reading “Gender-specific toys – keeping it neutral”

Review: Raa Raa the Noisy Lion – Huffty’s Train

Georgie adores Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, so when we were sent Huffty & his train to review she was over the moon. She got so excited when she saw me unpack the delivery box to reveal a box covered in her favourite characters, and was very impatient while I extracted the toy from it’s packaging!… Continue Reading “Review: Raa Raa the Noisy Lion – Huffty’s Train”