This year’s Top 12 toys for Christmas!

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Today I was in London to visit the DreamToys event, where a panel of toy expert judges have revealed what they expect to be 2017s Top 12 sought after toys for Christmas. With some brilliant toys on display, including all dozen ‘top toys’ I have spent my morning checking out the latest and greatest toys that will be appearing beneath Christmas trees this December.

This year the list includes collectibles, high-tech toys, some great licensed products, and of course there is a Lego set in there too. A few of these are already on my Christmas shopping list for the girls, although one or two did surprise me.

2017’s Top 12 toys

The Top 12 toys, in no particular order (ooh, that makes me sound like a TV show presenter), are:

Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set

Mattel – £32.99 RRP

I haven’t come across the Enchantimals product line before, but they look quite fun. This Playhouse set includes an exclusive Prue Panda doll and her panda friend Nari. Each Enchantimals doll comes with an animal friend, and there is a lot to explore in this set.


Jazwares/WowWee – £14.99 RRP

I first came across Fingerlings back at the May BlogOn conference and I’ve thought they are adorable ever since! I’m not at all surprised to see the Fingerlings monkeys in the top 12 as they are really fun and sweet. They grip onto your finger or hang around using their curly tails.

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler

Hasbro – £134.99 RRP

Tyler, the adorable ‘FurReal’ tiger toy is ridiculously cute and has a large range of sound and motions combinations, responding to sound and touch. His eyes, ears, head, mouth and tail all move, and he even comes with his own little toy – a squidgy little chicken.

Price: £70.00
Was: £134.99

Hatchimals Surprise

Spin Master Toys – £74.99 RRP

Building up from the success of last years sell out Hatchimals toy, they are back this year with a surprise – twins!! There are two different species available, and both identical and fraternal twins. They are furry, cute, and once hatched they progress from baby, to toddler, to kid.

Laser X – 2 Player Pack

Character Options – £49.99 RRP

Another product I haven’t come across before, the Laser X toy lets you play laser tag at home, inside or out, day or night. With a range of over 60 metres and unlimited players this looks like a lot of fun! I reckon there will be groups of friends getting sets of these for Christmas so they can team up together and play in groups.

L.O.L. Surprise Series 2

MGA Entertainment – £9.99 RRP

These special balls have seven layers of surprises so they are ideal for fans of the blind bag craze! Georgie and Lydia both love to open up surprises – not to mention watch videos of people opening surprises on YouTube – so they loved opening their first L.O.L. doll recently, to reveal a tiny doll with several accessories.

Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash

Hasbro – £21.99

Georgie and Lydia haven’t really discovered Nerf toys yet but I think toy car mad Lydia would really enjoy this toy. You use the ‘gun’ to blast a car at a stunt ramp to make it jump into the air and smash into obstacles.

Price: £16.97
Was: £27.18

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Spin Master Toys – £69.99 RRP

This toy is huge! Capable of holding up to 2 vehicles, it comes complete with Ryder’s Rescue ATV, and various accessories, so that your kids can re-enact the Pup’s daring rescues. The Sea Patroller has drop down wheels so it can travel over various terrain.

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

Flair Leisure Products – £49.99 RRP

PJ Masks is huge right now, and this Headquarters Playset would be a great Christmas gift for any fans of the show. It comes with a Catboy Figure with a Cat Car Vehicle, and has various different features to interact with.

Star Wars: BB-8

Lego – £84.99 RRP

Of course, there is Lego in the Top 12 list! This Star Wars: BB-8 is, let’s face it, totally awesome. BB-8 is possibly the best thing to come out of the new Star Wars films, and this Lego model of it is great – the perfect gift for any fan of both Star Wars and Lego, and a lot cheaper than the new Millenium Falcon set! You can turn one wheel at the side to rotate the detailed, head, and another to open the hatch to extend the ‘welding torch’.

The Original Stretch Armstrong

Character Options – £21.99 RRP

Stretch Armstrong is back! There isn’t really much to say about the strongman that stretches – pull on his arms and legs and he will stretch for ages before returning to his original shape. As well as bringing back the original Stretch Armstrong, they have also released a range of licensed stretch toys including the Flash, Batman, and Scooby Doo.

Price: £14.99
Was: £23.99

Toilet Trouble

Hasbro – £17.99 RRP

If you liked Pie Face you will probably enjoy Toilet Trouble too. It works on the same sort of principle, you spin the toilet roll to see how many flushes you need to do, then look into the toilet as you flush. One player will get splashed with water, but if you hear the flushing sound, you’re safe.

Price: £16.88
Was: £17.99

My top toys for 2017


Spin Master Toys – £99.99 RRP

As you know, Lydia was lucky enough to get a Luvabella doll to review and she adores her new baby. Luvabella is just like a real baby at times – but better, as she has an off switch so won’t be waking you up at night! We’ve been really impressed with the way she develops the more you play with her, learning new words and responses to her accessories.


Anki – £199.99 RRP

I was lucky enough to win a Cozmo robot at BlogOn this year, and I love him! This little palm sized robot is full of personality – I am convinced he is actually the lovechild of Eve and Wall-e from the Pixar movie. Cozmo plays games with you, does tricks, and can also be controlled via the app – both by a great scratch based coding interface, and also by remote control, where you can see what he sees on the screen, and control his movements. Georgie in particular is a big Cozmo fan, and will often come to my office to play with him after school. He is incredibly clever, strangely adorable for a robot, and really funny. He even sulks if he loses a game!

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Lego – £149.99 RRP

Lego Boost looks like so much fun, and a great way to encourage kids to get familiar with the principles of code. You basically build a robot with Lego and then control it via an app using the scratch coding ‘language’. Georgie and Lydia, our little Lego addicts, are both (and 6 and 4) already familiar with scratch and how it works, so they would love to get their hands on one of these! We are probably going to look at getting them a Boost next year sometime, when they are a little older, however – the age recommendation starts at 7 years old.


Czech Games Edition – £15.99 RRP

I haven’t written up my Codenames review yet, but James and I have played it and really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to playing with a few more people and it is perfect for anyone 10+ so a great one to play with older children. It is a word based game so players need to have a fairly good vocabulary, hence the age recommendation. One player for each team is a spymaster, and the other players have to try to uncover which codenames belong to their spies. Codenames is suitable for 2-8 players so you can play it with just a few or you, or in a group.


Esdevium Games – £12.99

I reviewed Dobble not long ago, and it has been a favourite in our house for well over a year now. It is a great game for all ages, and the tin is so small you can throw it in a bag to play wherever you are. Lydia has been playing it since she was three, and they have loved introducing it to campsite buddies, friends and family.

Price: £9.99
Was: £12.99

Fingerlings Monkey Bar and Swing Playset

WowWee – £29.99 RRP

I saw this set at BlogOn back in September and it looks really fun – this one is on the Christmas list for the girls, along with another Fingerlings Monkey, so they can have one monkey each. This colourful playset is the perfect home for your Fingerlings Monkeys to hang about on, with a seat and swing that they can sit on, too. It comes with Liv, who is exclusive to this set. They also have a seesaw playset and a climbing frame available.

Magic Tracks

Re:Creation – £19.99 RRP

I won a Magic Tracks set at one of the BlogOn Conferences and Lydia loves it. The track is super flexible and easy to put together, with 220 pieces of glow in the dark track pieces snapping together to make a track that can bend over obstacles – the girls like to have it running over their legs! You can even use a shorter bit of track to make a hamster wheel for your car. There is also an accessory pack which costs around £10 to extend the fun even further.

Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybug Garden

Character Options – £22.99 RRP

Georgie and Lydia already have a few Little Live Pets – a little blue bird, and a pair of turtles – which live in the bath! They really enjoy them and so when I saw there are some tiny adorable ladybird Little Live Pets I was really taken with them. The individual Ladybug toys would make great stocking fillers, with the garden playset being a great toy to go under the Christmas tree to go with their new bugs. They are a bit like Hexbugs – but cuter.

So there you have it – this year’s top toys! Are any of these on your kid’s Christmas lists?