How I keep my brain active

When I gave up work to become a mum, I knew that I wouldn’t be happy unless I was still keeping my brain active somehow! As my job wasn’t all that challenging anyway, I was already keeping my brain going a bit outside of work, and my habits only increased once I left.

I’ve always been a massive fan of puzzles, so I do a lot of different types of puzzles – ranging from the small basic puzzle magazine that tends to be kicking around my handbag, to apps on my phone, jigsaws at home, and various puzzle books or games. I was recently sent the Only Connect and Sherlock puzzle books by BBC Books and have been really enjoying them both as they are a bit different to the normal puzzle books you find!


We’ll be reviewing the Codenames game & Santa jigsaw soon so keep an eye on the blog for those..

Today is National Jigsaw Day so I thought it would be the perfect day to talk about my love of all things puzzling! The job I have found myself doing the last few years is often like a big puzzle too – how to solve people’s problems, writing the perfect bit of code to do something, and so on.

I’ve always enjoyed writing too, hence this blog! I’ve actually been blogging since I was a teenager – and scarily for over half my life now. Some of my old blog posts can be found on the internet in various hard to find locations which I will not be disclosing as some of them are incredibly cringeworthy – now there is a puzzle for my readers!

I’ll be taking part in a National Jigsaw Day twitter party today at 1pm along with @WentworthPuzzle and if you join in you could be in with a chance to win a Wentworth National Jigsaw Day 2017 puzzle of your own – I’ll be giving one away to one of my followers!

National Jigsaw Day 2017 puzzle