December in a Minute

December in a Minute (2017)

This is our Month in a Minute for December 2017! Christmas was fun even if it didn’t go to plan… and we had snow before and after Christmas! Lots and lots of snow. Granny has two litters of Norwich Terrier puppies the girls have been enjoying playing with, and we enjoyed lots of Lego and gaming fun.

September in a Minute (2017)

September was a tough month for us, but there were some good moments in between the lows! We were still in Cornwall right at the start of the month, and enjoyed at day at the Hidden Valley. Lydia started school and has been loving every second, the girls have been enjoying conker hunting, and we’ve had some quiet moments at home too.

May in a Minute (2017)

Our Month in a Minute for May… Georgie’s birthday was in May, we spent time with friends, we had great fun at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and had a lovely holiday by the seaside. Oh, and I rescued a hedgehog!