Life Lately: May 2018

May began with Georgie turning 7, and me in a state of slight shock that I’ve now been a parent for seven years. It’s amazing how fast time flows by, I still remember her as a tiny baby, as an inquisitive toddler, and a shy pre-schooler.

Now, our Georgiana is a lovely little girl – well on her way to being a “big girl”. She is a voracious reader, just like her Mum, and loves to be creative – our living room is permanently littered with pictures and craft supplies. Georgie is a clever little thing and loves school – playing with numbers and puzzles are her favourite things.

She likes her curly hair down and crazy, lives in jeans and t-shirts (jumpsuits are also a favourite!), and sleeps with her beloved doll Melody and a giant penguin toy she has named Waddles. Despite her moments of teenage like attitude at home (seven going on thirteen!) she is well behaved for others and is mostly super caring and helpful, especially to those younger and smaller than herself.

May was also the month for the first BlogOn conference of the year, and the 10th BlogOn since Laura started the events. I’ve been going to BlogOn for years, have spoken at some of them, and in May I did some one-on-one sessions advising people about WordPress. I’m on the team, too, and James helps out during the events, so it’s a pretty big weekend for us – I handle the website updates in the weeks (months!) leading up to the events, do all the signage and so on, and then we both help with set up & stuff during the event itself.

The view from Heaven at Hotel Football – BlogOnX

I really enjoy seeing everyone during these events – from other bloggers to PRs I’ve worked with on projects, and so on. The next BlogOn is in September and we are already getting stuck in with the planning, with both ticket sales and the toy awards entries open.

We finished off the month with a week staying in Felixstowe for the half term holiday, and had a lovely week with no rain, a picnic on the beach, quality family time with James’s relatives, and lots of chill out time playing games, relaxing in the park, and walking along the seafront.

I’ve been reading…

Holiday Cottage by the Sea by Holly Martin was one of my favourite books in May – I really enjoy Holly’s books and this one is really lovely. I enjoyed meeting a whole load of new characters in this new Sandcastle Bay series, and look forward to reading all of their stories! The sequel, The Cottage on Sunshine Beach came out this month and I pre-ordered it as soon as I finished the first one!

Eloisa James has a new series of historical romance books too, about the Wilde family – I read the first two books in the series and am looking forward the third which comes out next month.

I’ve been watching…

Elementary – I really enjoy the modern take on the Sherlock story, and so I’ve been watching the new episodes on Now TV as they come out. I also re-watched the whole thing from start to finish recently as background noise while I was working.

I’ve finally finished watching Scandal – I’m not sure what I thought of the final episode to be honest, I wasn’t too pleased with David’s ending! I’ve also been catching up on the DC shows Supergirl, The Flash, and ArrowLegends of Tomorrow is still on my todo list!

The Space Between Us was probably my favourite film from April – it tells the story of a boy born on Mars and his first visit to Earth. Gardner has an online friendship with a teen in Colorado, who thinks he is housebound due to illness in a penthouse somewhere, and when he finally lands on Earth, he takes off to go and see her, and try to find his father. It’s sweet, and quirky, and the acting is brilliant.

Gifted – I’d not seen this one before but found it quite sweet – and slightly heart-wrenching. Gifted explores the idea of how to treat academically gifted children, through the story of a single widowed Dad and his brilliant daughter.

Hackers – I hadn’t seen this film in years and years but it is still as good as ever! James and I had a good giggle at the visuals of the hacks and computers.

The BFG – I always enjoyed the book of this story, and although I’d seen a little of the latest film adaptation this is the first time I’d seen it in full, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the way the giants pulled up huge stretches of turf to use as blankets, and the BFG’s boat bed.

Everything, Everything – This is a sweet love story about a girl with autoimmune disease, and the boy that moves in next door. She can’t step outside her sterilised home without falling ill, and he is dealing with an abusive father while falling in love with her. I loved the ending – but no spoilers here!

I’ve been listening to…

A bit of a mix of everything – random chill out playlists while I work, Disney soundtracks, and film scores. A bit of Ed Sheeran, some Sons of Pitches. Oh, and in the car driving to Felixstowe I sang along to a 90s cheesy pop for driving playlist – I am not ashamed, haha.

I’ve been playing…

Last month I didn’t get a lot of console gaming in but did enjoy some casual gaming on my iPad – mostly puzzles and things like that. My favourite recent app I’ve played is easily Cosmic Express, where you have to plan the train route for “the world’s most awkward space colony”.

Month in a Minute

So there you have it – one rather overdue post about what we got up to in May! It’s been a tough few weeks so please do excuse the delay.