Life Lately: March 2018

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March was a busy month for us with lots to do despite most of us coming down with a bug or two during the month and all of us ending the month with a nasty heavy cold (thanks for sharing your bugs, kids). Oh, and I died my hair bright pink for charity.

We spent an evening bowling at the newly refurbished Hollywood Bowl at Broadway Plaza, Five Ways – near the Birmingham city centre. They’ve done a great job with the bowling alley – which used to be a Bowlplex – it has good food, fantastic milkshakes, and very snazzy bowling lanes. The girls really enjoyed our game of bowling and polished off an impressive amount of nachos between them.

Lydia has been a social butterfly with multiple birthday parties (including her own Tsum Tsum extravaganza) – we were celebrating a 5th birthday almost every weekend of the month, her school class is obviously full of Spring babies.

We met up with my sister & her family at a soft play roughly halfway between our homes for the cousins to play together and have lunch – we try to do this a few times a year and the girls love seeing their cousin Izzy. Unfortunately it was a bit too loud in there for the adults to do much catching up!

Although Easter Sunday fell on April 1st this year the lead up in the last few weeks of March were busy for the girls, with all the end of term things going on. They both enjoyed the school disco, decorated Easter bonnets for the parade, and had glowing reports at their parents evening.

We also went to Disney on Ice one evening at the end of the month and enjoyed our first visit to Twycross Zoo – both of which I’ll be blogging about very soon.

Unfortunately at the end of the month we got some sad news – the girls are down another Great Grandparent. Norma, who was my Father-in-Law’s Mum, passed away on Good Friday. The girls saw her a couple of times each time we visited Felixstowe so they know who she was but weren’t particularly close to her.

I’ve been reading…

During March I indulged myself by reading some Pride & Prejudice variations – I find them fascinating to read. I love seeing how authors change the way the story goes due to anything from a single change in circumstances, or a huge upheaval in the story altogether.

I also read some of Barbara Longley’s books which I enjoyed – her ‘Perfect’ series was a good read and lovely escapism from a busy month!.

I’ve been watching…

My favourite film from March has to have been Hidden Figures which is about the African-American women of NASA, who were employed as “calculators” to do the maths behind rocket launches. It’s based on true events and is absolutely fascinating. It really highlights how difficult the simplest things were for women of colour. I highly recommend it!

I really enjoyed watching the Legion TV series last month. Dan Stevens (from Downton Abbey & Beauty and the Beast) plays David Haller, a very powerful mutant who doesn’t realise that is what he is, and instead has ended up in a mental institution with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. It’s very weird but quite wonderful. Series 2 starts soon on Now TV so I’ll definitely be watching those.

I’ve been listening to…

When it comes to audiobooks, I’ve finished the Kane Chronicles and am onto the Marcus Chase books. I really enjoyed the Kane Chronicles but haven’t got very far with Marcus Chase yet – I’ve not read or listened to any of the Marcus stories before so they require a bit more concentration than having them on in the background while I’m working.

I really enjoy listening to audiobooks to relax… if you want to try out Audible and support this site at the same time, you can click the link below to get a 30-day free trial with one free book.

As far as music goes I’ve been enjoying soundtracks for various films and musicals, depending on my mood. I’m still enjoying The Greatest Showman, obviously, and I’ve also been listening to Moana (possibly the best Disney soundtrack ever), Hamilton, and various mixed playlists of soundtracks to both films & musicals.

I’ve been playing…

I haven’t played on the consoles much in March, just the odd bit of Zelda when I fancied it, but I have been enjoying the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game on my iPad for some casual gaming. I hope they bring one out for the Switch at some point – the 3DS game is now on Georgie’s birthday list.

Month in a Minute

Here is our minute long snapshot of March…

So there you have it – our March in a nutshell. What did you get up to last month?

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