I’m a Lion Guard Twitter party host!

Next week I’m going to be co-hosting a Twitter party to celebrate the brand new Disney Lion Guard toy collection. We’ve been sent a big box full of fun stuff to enjoy, with party games, cake, and goody bags for the kids to take home! The kids will be getting a look at the new collection of Lion Guard toys, including the Defend the Pride… Continue Reading “I’m a Lion Guard Twitter party host!”

Our Doc McStuffins twitter party

Last week we were Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Twitter party hosts, and the girls had some of their friends around to the house to take part too. We were sent a big box of goodies for the party, and paid a small fee to cover costs. We played lots of games & activities, and had some yummy (vaguely animal related) snacks. Georgie and Lydia loved… Continue Reading “Our Doc McStuffins twitter party”

Review: Doc McStuffins Eye Doctor Bag Play Set

Georgie’s best friend is a big Doc McStuffins fan, so when we got send this kit to review we knew that we immediately had to ask Sophie over for a play date to give it a thorough testing. This toy comes with a hard plastic carry case “just like Doc McStuffins’s!” into which you can fit the rest of the set. You get an eyepatch, a head band with detachable head torch, eye dropper, ophthalmoscope (the thing you look into someone’s eye with!), some stickers, and a glasses frame with three interchangeable fronts.… Continue Reading “Review: Doc McStuffins Eye Doctor Bag Play Set”

Review: Sofia the First Micro Playsets

We were sent a selection from the new Sofia the First Micro Playsets range to review ahead of a twitter party, so that the children attending could play with the toys and put them through their paces. The sets we received were the amulet, tiara, bracelet and magic wand. They are all marked as 3 years + and all come with small micro figures that hide inside.… Continue Reading “Review: Sofia the First Micro Playsets”