Review: PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toy Collection

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product & Price: PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toy Collection:
Mission Control HQ Playset – £49.99
Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket – £49.99
– Super Moon Adventure Figure and accessory set – available in Gekko, Owlette or Catboy – £9.99
– Speed Booster Vehicles – available in Gekko, Owlette or Catboy – £13.99
– Super Moon Adventure Space Rover and Figure Assortment – available in Gekko, Owlette or Catboy – £9.99
Deluxe Figure Set – £34.99

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: The brave PJ Masks heroes are blasting off on an awesome adventure to the moon! The PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket lets kids recreate PJ Masks adventures. Fans can extend the moon adventure with the rest of the Super Moon toys joining the collection, including a Five-Pack of Collectible Figures, individual Figure Sets, and Space Rover vehicles. Each sold separately.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: The PJ Masks heroes are heading off on some new adventures to the moon, and we’ve been sent a selection of the new range of Super Mooon Adventure toys to try out, and to celebrate their launch.

Lydia and Georgie simply could not believe their luck as we were sent a giant box filled with PJ Masks toys, so they can act out their own heroic adventures, and I can give my readers an idea of what to expect from the new range. Each character has new vehicles and accessories to collect, and there are some great new play sets too.

New for this Autumn is the Mission Control HQ set, which goes really well with the Deluxe Figure Set, allowing your kids to recreate your favourite episodes of the show with all the different characters. This playset requires a little construction to put it together, but I found it really simple to do and the instructions were very clear.

Once built, it is a lot of fun as parts move around so you can change it from the iconic totem pole into a multi-level playset complete with a control panel which lights up and play phrases from the TV show, a feather shooter, and a pole for your characters to spin down. There is even a secret trap door which drops characters into a lightning bolt cage. The girls have really enjoyed playing with this HQ playset, arranging and rearranging the characters inside. It also comes with Catboy and Romeo figures and several accessories, to get you started.

The Deluxe Figure Set comes with a great selection of figures with a lot of the main characters from the show, and really good quality. I’ve previously reviewed this set so check that out for more info.

Also new this Autumn are the Speed Booster vehicles which allow your PJ Masks heroes to race around your home to save the day. The Owl Glider, Cat-Car and Gekko-Mobile each come with their accompanying character figure wearing a racing outfit complete with a (non-removable) silver helmet.

The new Super Moon Adventures the PJ Masks go on takes the heroes flying to the moon in their HQ, which transforms into a Rocket Mode to transport them into space! We were sent the HQ Rocket, the Space Rovers, and the Figure and Accessory sets based on their lunar adventures. The girls have been enjoying making up a whole new set of stories with their space gear.

The HQ Rocket has fold up legs which it stands up on, and comes with a Gekko figure and his Space Rover – which can launch from the rocketship’s ramp with a push of a lever. The front of the Rocket opens up to reveal the cockpit, with space for all three PJ Masks heroes to sit, complete with a little control panel to steer the ship. A built in handle lets your child fly the rocket around the room, with a button on the handle triggering flashing lights and sound effects for added fun.

Each of the figure and accessories sets comes with a PJ Masks character, a removeable space helmet with adjustable visor, a light up jetpack which clips to the figure around the waist, and two accessories unique to that set. It’s really easy to put the helmet and jetpack on and off, and the girls had no problem with this at all, which isn’t always the case with small figures and their accessories!

The Space Rover sets each come with a character, their space rover, and one small accessory. The characters are in their space outfits with non-removable helmets, and it is actually easy to get them sat on their rovers holding the handlebars. They stayed securely on while the girls raced them around the carpet, and the neat three wheeled design of the rovers with wider back ends makes them stand upright easily enough too.

All of the figures in the PJ Masks range in these sets are around 7.5cm tall, have articulated limbs and heads, so they can sit and stand in various positions.

We give the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toy Collection 5 stars. The quality of each toy is good and they are bright, cheerful, and pretty feature packed. Both Georgie and Lydia have been really enjoying playing with all of these sets.

These toys are available on Amazon, Very, and all ‘good toy stores’.

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