Review: PJ Masks Deluxe 16 Pack Figure Playset

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: PJ Masks Deluxe 16 Pack Figure Playset

Price: £34.99

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Bring home all of your favourite characters from the hit preschool series, PJ Masks! With the PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set, your little one will have a blast re-enacting favourite scenes from the show with Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, Romeo, Night Ninja, and the stackable Ninjalinos!

Rating: (4/5 stars)

PJ Masks Deluxe 16 Pack Figure Playset

Review: Lydia and Georgie both really enjoy watching PJ Masks on the TV, and were both delighted when I showed them our latest delivery! This is their first PJ Masks toy, and lets them enjoy some imaginative play with all of the main characters from the show.

Pj Masks 16 piece deluxe figure set

PJ Masks 16 piece figure set back of box

In the box you get 12 figures and 4 accessories. Of course you get the main three good guys… Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, complete with their pets. Catboy’s Cat, Owelette’s “Birdy” and Gekko’s lizard Lionel are really fun additions to this set. For the villain side of things, you get Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the three smaller Ninjalinos.

The four accessories included are Romeo’s Squashatron and his Remote, Luna Girl’s Luna Orb, and Night Ninja’s Sticky Splat. The sticky splat particularly is great fun as it fits over the other figures heads so you can pretend they have been splatted.

PJ Masks figures

All six of the bigger figurines stand 7.5cm tall and are fully poseable with articulated arms and legs. Owlette has a soft flexible cape, and Romeo’s skirt is made from the same material – unfortunately this proved to be a bit too delicate for Lydia, and a touch of superglue was required to put his skirt back on!

The Ninjalinos are very cool, although they are not articulated like the bigger figures, they do stack up on top of one another, slotting into place. It’s very neat and Lydia spent some time happily just stacking and unstacking the three figures.


Lydia playing with PJ Masks figure

All of the pieces are really detailed, down to the textures of their suits, their logos and facial expressions, and even the pets and accessories are spot on and instantly recognisable as those in the TV show. The accessories also stay firmly in the figures hands which is so often not the case.

With 16 pieces there is quite a lot to enjoy in this set, and children can re-enact scenes from their favourite episodes, or even play along while watching – which Lydia had great fun doing.

Watching and playing PJ Masks

The price, however, is not so enjoyable – at first glance. At £34.99 they cost just over £2 per piece, and even if you count the accessories and pets as being included with the figures, that is 9 figures at just under £4 each which isn’t too horrifying after all.

We give this set 4 stars.

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