Review: StikBot Pirate Movie Set

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: StikBot Pirate Movie Set

Price: £21.99

Age Range: 4 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Roll camera – action! This pirate ship movie set is made from durable foam board and is easy to build with no glue or scissors required. Set incudes lots of extras: boat, sharks, treasure chest, cannons and more. The ship is open on one side, allowing kids to make movies below deck or outside the ship. Flip-over base scene takes your movie location from shore to cliff. Includes one pirate StikBot, nine pirate weapons and a sheet of extra pirate clothes stickers. Download the free app to make your pirate movie masterpiece.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

StikBot Pirate Movie Set Review

Review: The girls got a little StikBot figure some time ago (I think it was in a BlogOn goody bag actually) and really enjoyed playing with it, sticking it all over the place and changing it’s pose. They also really enjoy making videos together, so when the chance to review this StikBot Pirate Movie Set came up I jumped at it.

StikBot Pirate Movie Set Review

StikBot Pirate Movie Set Review

StikBots are basically little plastic figurines with suckers on the ends of their arms and legs, which let you stick them all over the place. Their body parts are all attached by strong elastic joints, making it possible for you to change their position quite a lot.

The StikBots Pirate Movie Set contains lots of props and assorted piratey goodness for kids to make stop motion animations using their StikBot toys and a free app which is available for smartphones & tablets. It comes with one StikBot figure, already “wearing” a dashing pirate outfit, and a sheet of stickers so you can dress up any other StikBots you have. As we already had one, the girls made their movie with two characters. It would be nice if the sets came with two StikBots to allow you to have interaction between two of your tiny plastic actors, without having to purchase a second one.

StikBot Pirate Movie Set Review

StikBot Pirate Movie Set Review

The props are almost all made from a foam sheet which you pop out the various shapes and fit together. You don’t need any glue or scissors, you just slot the different tabs into the corresponding slots – and everything is numbered to make it easy. It wasn’t particularly hard, although the odd bit was a touch fiddly, but it was fairly time consuming to put it all together – and I don’t think I could have trusted my girls (4 and 6 years) to handle the task without breaking something! You also get some small plastic weapons and shields, plus clever little sucker adapter things to allow your StikBots to hold their props.

As well as a big pirate ship, which is open sided one way round, allowing your StikBots to stand inside, you get a couple of rowboats, palm trees, a treasure chest full of coins and jewels, and various other small pieces.

StikBot Pirate Movie Set Review

In addition to all the props you also get a two-sided backdrop sheet. One side depicts some land with a small amount of sea, and the other is sea with a bit of beach. This folds up to a little bit smaller than A3 size so you can store it away.

The girls had a great time playing with the pieces and role playing with their StikBots, before they even got started on making a movie. They only did a short stop motion animation on their first go, but they want to do plenty more in future, so I need to pack it all away carefully now for them to play with again another day!

Check out their finished stop motion animation below – plus I natter on a bit and show off some of the bits & pieces…

Overall we are pretty pleased with this and I think that it is well priced too. You get a lot of different pieces to entertain the kids with, and it’s great for encouraging imaginative play. We give this set 4 stars.

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