How to give a damaged kids table a new lease of life – easy & cheap!

The girls have a small child-sized Ikea table in the living room, which they use to eat at, play at, draw at, craft at, and generally make various messes at! Over time, it has lost it’s shiny & smooth white surface, becoming a rather less attractive mixture of stains, chipped paint bits, and rather weird looking swollen lumpy & bumpy bits. Structurally it is still perfectly sound, it is just a bit ugly looking.

Damaged table top

The table they have is the Kritter table, which they sit at on Färgglad chairs – these chairs are really colourful so I decided to add a bit of  colour to the table while I was giving it a face-lift.

Table, tablecloth & staple gun

I didn’t want to faff about with painting it, so I went for a really simple option of recovering the top of the table with a nice easy-clean PVC tablecloth.

I trimmed the tablecloth to size and then used a staple gun to fit it to the underside of the table top. There is loads of tablecloth left over so I’ll be able to pull the used bit off and replace if they do stain it or damage it. It was really simple and a very cheap solution – I only spent £13.02 and that included the staple gun which I now want to use for loads more stuff.

Stapled tablecloth

Finished table

The reason I decided to fix it rather than just have it on the table is that whenever we have used tablecloths with the kids in the past we’ve had trouble with it shifting around too much and cups falling over etc – generally it’s always been a nightmare!

I’m really pleased with how this simple idea turned out so well and gave our tired old table a new look, and it looks great with the chairs too.

Trying on the recovered table

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