Our Ikea Hack Kallax side table

My new home office is basically 90% Ikea. I love their furniture, it’s affordable, practical, and lasts years. Also, you can customise it so easily to fit exactly what you want. This is our custom side table which I made to be a multi-functional piece of furniture. It’s next to my day bed so needs to work as a coffee table for daytime use and… Continue Reading “Our Ikea Hack Kallax side table”

Table, tablecloth & staple gun

How to give a damaged kids table a new lease of life – easy & cheap!

The girls have a small child-sized Ikea table in the living room, which they use to eat at, play at, draw at, craft at, and generally make various messes at! Over time, it has lost it’s shiny & smooth white surface, becoming a rather less attractive mixture of stains, chipped paint bits, and rather weird looking swollen lumpy & bumpy bits. Structurally it is still… Continue Reading “How to give a damaged kids table a new lease of life – easy & cheap!”

Our “Ikea Hack” toddler-friendly bunkbed – Kura, Kritter & Trofast

When Georgie first switched to a toddler bed about two and a half years ago, we bought her a Kritter bed from Ikea, which has been really great and has years of life in it yet. Since we moved in here about a year ago, we have been considering long term plans for the girls’ bedroom. I have already posted about their finished room, but I thought… Continue Reading “Our “Ikea Hack” toddler-friendly bunkbed – Kura, Kritter & Trofast”