Our Ikea Hack Kallax side table

My new home office is basically 90% Ikea. I love their furniture, it’s affordable, practical, and lasts years. Also, you can customise it so easily to fit exactly what you want.

This is our custom side table which I made to be a multi-functional piece of furniture. It’s next to my day bed so needs to work as a coffee table for daytime use and as a bedside table for when guests stay. That meant a square shape unit with drawers were definitely ideal, but I couldn’t find anything in white that I liked, and that was the right height to suit the Brimnes day bed. I wanted something that I could move around the room easily to suit my needs, so preferably with a white backboard rather than a brown fibreboard back.

It is a simple but effective “Ikea Hack” – I have a 4×1 Kallax Unit in the room with a drawers insert and a cupboard insert, so it matches really well. The side table unit uses a single Kallax unit, the drawer insert, and a set of Bjorli legs

I found plenty of pictures of Kallax being used as a bedside table (or ‘nightstand‘) but none that were small enough for our needs, so we ended up with this.

I built the cube as normal, and then marked an equal distance from the four corners for the legs, before drilling holes slightly narrower than the screw threads of the legs. We used white grip to fix the legs securely into the bottom of the unit, and I waited for them to set a little to be a bit more stable, and then fitted the drawer insert as normal. 

Of course, James moved it too carelessly less than 24 hours later and we had to re-glue one of the legs into place – but other than that it has been brilliant. Here it is in the room – I think it looks great!

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9 thoughts on “Our Ikea Hack Kallax side table

    1. Thank you! I am ridiculously pleased with it. It’s made a huge different to my work/life balance too as I now have a proper “workplace”

    1. Thank you! It is simple but is exactly what I was looking for when I was searching for this piece of furniture. I love that it matches the other Kallax unit in the room too, it really helps tie things together.

  1. Ooh I love this hack! I too am obsessed with Ikea and my whole home is basically Ikea! We recently hacked a bunk bed for the kids! This room is perfect, I love it x

  2. Hi
    I love what you did with the room but what I really like is the black and white books wallpaper.
    Where could I find it?

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