Charity shop finds – Winnie the Pooh

Lydia and I were following our usual routine of popping into the charity shops after stay & play on Tuesday morning, and we stumbled on some lovely Winnie the Pooh finds for their bedroom. Both Georgie and Lydia really like Winnie the Pooh, so being able to add a touch more Pooh Bear to their room at bargain prices was great. When we did up… Continue Reading “Charity shop finds – Winnie the Pooh”

Our “Ikea Hack” toddler-friendly bunkbed – Kura, Kritter & Trofast

When Georgie first switched to a toddler bed about two and a half years ago, we bought her a Kritter bed from Ikea, which has been really great and has years of life in it yet. Since we moved in here about a year ago, we have been considering long term plans for the girls’ bedroom. I have already posted about their finished room, but I thought… Continue Reading “Our “Ikea Hack” toddler-friendly bunkbed – Kura, Kritter & Trofast”

Georgie & Lydia’s new bedroom!

It’s taken over a week of hard work (not to mention the odd injury) but the girls new bedroom is complete! We still want to add or change a few things, but it will stay as it is for a few months, until we can afford to do anything else – both our free time and our avaliable funds are scarce after this project! A… Continue Reading “Georgie & Lydia’s new bedroom!”

Naptime Chaos

This is what Georgie’s room looks like when it has been tidied up… I’m sure that you will all agree, it’s nice and cosy with books and teddies for her to snuggle up with when she goes to her room for the afternoon. Here is a sneak peek of what happens when she goes to her room for “naptime”… Georgie is spending more & more… Continue Reading “Naptime Chaos”