I’m a Lion Guard Twitter party host!

Next week I’m going to be co-hosting a Twitter party to celebrate the brand new Disney Lion Guard toy collection. We’ve been sent a big box full of fun stuff to enjoy, with party games, cake, and goody bags for the kids to take home! The kids will be getting a look at the new collection of Lion Guard toys, including the Defend the Pride… Continue Reading “I’m a Lion Guard Twitter party host!”

Our Doc McStuffins twitter party

Last week we were Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Twitter party hosts, and the girls had some of their friends around to the house to take part too. We were sent a big box of goodies for the party, and paid a small fee to cover costs. We played lots of games & activities, and had some yummy (vaguely animal related) snacks. Georgie and Lydia loved… Continue Reading “Our Doc McStuffins twitter party”

We’re hosting a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet twitter party!

This time next week I will be over on twitter, co-hosting a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet twitter party. We’re inviting the girls’ best friends around to play with the toys and join in the fun, and a big box of goodies have arrived for the perfect party. We will be playing games, eating yummy snacks, and playing dress up to doctor the kids’ favourite toy… Continue Reading “We’re hosting a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet twitter party!”

Make your own jigsaw!

As part of our twitter party, we are challenging the children to make their own Inside Out jigsaw puzzles. To join in the fun, you need to have a picture printed onto some card, some felt pens/crayons, a ruler, a pen, and a pair of scissors. It’s also handy to have a small bag to keep the pieces safe in. We were provided with little Inside… Continue Reading “Make your own jigsaw!”

Frozen vs Minions – Pre-Schooler Quiz Questions!

As part of our Ravensburger Twitter Party, we have been challenged to have a Frozen vs Minions team activity with puzzles and quiz questions. Every time a team gets a question right they get 5 minutes to work on their puzzle. Now, most of our party guests are young children so these little mini-quizzes are quite easy, but fun for the little ones! I thought… Continue Reading “Frozen vs Minions – Pre-Schooler Quiz Questions!”

I’m a Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party Host!

We really love twitter parties in this house – the kids get to have fun with their friends, play with some new toys, and enjoy some games. No to mention the twitter side of things – chatting about the brands we love online, giving people the chance to win great prizes, and having a great time online as well as offline. So it is with great… Continue Reading “I’m a Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party Host!”

Our #DocMcStuffins twitter party!

Earlier this week we hosted a Doc McStuffins twitter party in association with UKMums.tv at our house, with guests Sophie, Belle, Jack, and Evie joining Georgie and Lydia for lots of Doc McStuffins fun. They all had a great time, with fun party games, yummy food, and lots of laughter. Here’s a little look at what we got up to: Once all our guests arrived we got… Continue Reading “Our #DocMcStuffins twitter party!”

I’m a #DocMcStuffins Twitter Party Host!

I’m pleased to announce that on Thursday 26th February I am going to be co-hosting a Doc McStuffins twitter party! The box of goodies that arrived yesterday in preparation for the party is amazing… There are going to be three fun party games, a craft activity, and some very yummy snacks to eat too. The kids will be able to win some fun prizes, have… Continue Reading “I’m a #DocMcStuffins Twitter Party Host!”

Giveaway: #NickJrCraftmas twitter competitions

This afternoon I am co-hosting a twitter party for Nick Jr to celebrate #NickJrCraftmas and get everyone into the spirit of Christmas with some fantastic craft projects. We’ve been busy creating all sorts of fun stuff that I will be sharing on twitter (@zoecorkhill) between 1 & 3pm. In addition to helping to host the party, I have some great prizes up for grabs here on my blog. You… Continue Reading “Giveaway: #NickJrCraftmas twitter competitions”

I’m a #NickJrCraftmas twitter party host!

On Monday afternoon (1st Dec) between 1 & 3pm I am going to be co-hosting a party over on twitter, to celebrate #NickJrCraftmas with ukmums.tv and Nick Jr. We’re going to be spending the next few days getting our craft on, with Georgie’s best friend coming over to join in the fun too. We’ve been sent an amazing box full of projects to do and some… Continue Reading “I’m a #NickJrCraftmas twitter party host!”

I’m a Dora and Friends twitter party host!

I must be a glutton for punishment as I will be once again opening up our house to half a dozen preschoolers in order to host another twitter party next month! Our last one was so much fun for Georgie and Lydia that I couldn’t resist the lure of volunteering for another. Dora and Friends: Into the City! is a new tv show beginning on… Continue Reading “I’m a Dora and Friends twitter party host!”

Our Sofia the First twitter party!

Earlier today I told you what I thought of the new Sofia the First micro playsets, and now I am going to show you how much fun we had at our Sofia the First party on Thursday! We had loads of fun, and it was great to see Georgie and Lydia having so much fun with their friends and cousin. We invited six children to… Continue Reading “Our Sofia the First twitter party!”