Review: Albelli Jubilee Photo Book

I ordered a medium landscape photo book from Albelli as a souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee weekend. First impressions were really good; the book was packed well and had a slip to say that it had been checked by a member of their quality control team before dispatch. The photos look really nice and the physical photo book seemed to match up well to what was on my screen when I designed it.… Continue Reading “Review: Albelli Jubilee Photo Book”

Our Jubilee Celebrations!

We have had one busy extended bank holiday weekend! It has been really fun, despite me getting ill and having to go straight to bed when we got home on Monday, and not being quite right since. Friday lunchtime we headed over to the local children’s centre for their jubilee picnic. It was held jointly with the primary school that shares the same site, so… Continue Reading “Our Jubilee Celebrations!”

Our Jubilee Plans

We have got one busy weekend ahead of us, let me tell you! Our schedule for the weekend runs a little something like this: Friday – Jubilee celebration picnic at our local children’s centre Saturday – Being visited by James’s mum & her parents. We don’t get to see Georgie’s great grandparents very often so this will be great. Sunday – Ironbridge Gorge Museum Monday… Continue Reading “Our Jubilee Plans”

Wednesday Wishlist: Jubilee Mementos

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend there are so many gorgeous Jubilee gifts and mementos available to buy and I am having to severely restrain myself from spending all of my husband’s pay cheque at once! Here are a few of my favourites for this week’s Wednesday Wishlist… Little Bits of Unity   This adorable padded heart from Little Stitches is handmade and embellished with… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Jubilee Mementos”

The food industry has gone jubilee mad!

It is impossible to forget about the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and everyone is getting into the spirit of things, including the giants of the food industry! Here are my favourites… It’s a delightful mix of wordplay, union jacks & retro themed stuff out there and I am loving it! What are your favourite unexpected jubilee products?