Flower – the Black & White Photography Project

I snapped this one quickly with my iPhone 5S as I walked up our front path with the kids. The council maintained flower beds next to the path are a riot of colour at the moment and a whole huge bush is flowering with these beautiful flowers. I am itching to get out there with my “big camera” and my macro kit and get some close… Continue Reading “Flower – the Black & White Photography Project”

Full Moon – My Sunday Photo

There was a full moon on Thursday, so I had a go at capturing it (kneeling on a windowsill in just my pants & vest top, with zoom lens poking out the window – sorry, neighbours!). I took this around midnight, when the moon finally decided to show itself above the houses in the street behind ours. For the first time in ages, I shot… Continue Reading “Full Moon – My Sunday Photo”

On the Beach – the Black & White Photography Project

Here are some photos I took recently when we stopped in Swansea for lunch and a bit of fresh air… I’ll be posting more about our stop in a few days, but for now I wanted to share these black & white shots for PODcast’s photography project. I haven’t joined in with this one for a while, and I have missed the challenge it presents. Editing… Continue Reading “On the Beach – the Black & White Photography Project”

Spring in the Garden – Macro Photography Project

I’ve been out in the garden again this week with my new extension tubes mounted on my DSLM camera, snapping the new flowers that have bloomed in the spring sunshine. I took all of these photos with a Samsung NX3000 with both the 10mm & 16mm extension tubes attached, and my 50-200mm lens. (click any photo in this post to view bigger) The garden is getting… Continue Reading “Spring in the Garden – Macro Photography Project”

Truprint Father’s Day Gifts for the new homeowner Dad #TruprintDads

The girls & I were invited to try out the Truprint personalised print product service in advance of Father’s Day, to come up with some gift ideas for James. I didn’t want to get yet another photo canvas, and we have about 50 mugs, and so after quite a lot of browsing and thinking I chose the following items: We were sent a £50 voucher in order… Continue Reading “Truprint Father’s Day Gifts for the new homeowner Dad #TruprintDads”

Puppy Spam!

Last weekend we visited my Mother in Law for an afternoon, and we all spent ages playing with the new puppies. Of course, I took along my camera and snapped away – there isn’t much cuter than two small children playing with four small Norwich Terrier puppies! I took an awful lot of photos, and here are my favourites…

Macro Flowers – My Sunday Photo

I ordered some macro extension tubes for my Samsung NX 3000 camera (you can see a link at the end of the post to what I got) this week, and as soon as they arrived I was out in the garden playing around. We are lucky enough to have moved into a house with a lovely garden that, although small, flowers from Spring to Autumn,… Continue Reading “Macro Flowers – My Sunday Photo”

Photography & Vlogging tips from BlogCamp

On Saturday I attended BlogCamp, the blogging conference organised and hosted by the Tots100 blogging network. It was a great day with plenty of socialising with other bloggers, and some great tips shared by the guest speakers. I concentrated on the photography and vlogging sessions during the day, and thought I would share my favourite tips from each.  Photography I attended two photography sessions, both hosted by… Continue Reading “Photography & Vlogging tips from BlogCamp”

Nature Photography at Bluestone, Wales

Not long before we went away to Bluestone, I upgraded my camera body to a Samsung NX3000, a small improvement on my previous NX1000 – I only really upgraded as my kit lens got damaged (thanks, Homily dog). As I wanted a replacement with OIS it ended up making the most sense to actually buy a new camera with the lens I wanted, and sell… Continue Reading “Nature Photography at Bluestone, Wales”

September – Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project

I’m terribly late posting this, because of various things happening in the end of September and first half of October causing blogging to take a backseat for a while. We took last month’s family photo while we were at Warwick Castle for the Mike the Knight event. I used the timer on my camera for this shot and although it’s not a terribly flattering angle… Continue Reading “September – Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project”

Learning more about Photography with Goodman

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Walking Architecture Photography workshop recently by Goodman. The workshop was taught by Simon of Iguana Photography and we were provided with a yummy lunch at Jamie’s Italian in the Bullring. It was a great opportunity to learn more about how my camera works, and take those brave steps away from the “Smart” setting on my NX1000 camera! I really… Continue Reading “Learning more about Photography with Goodman”

July – Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project

Me & Mine is a family portrait project hosted by 7 bloggers, encouraging blogging families to capture a photo of the entire family together at least once a month. I love photos of us all as a family and we really don’t have enough, so I want to try and participate in this project monthly so that I end up with a series of photos of… Continue Reading “July – Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project”

Photography by Georgie

Recently, Georgie has become more & more interested in taking pictures. As something I enjoy myself, it’s lovely to see her take an interest at such a young age. I’ve even let her have a few goes with my beloved Samsung NX1000 bridge camera! Here are a few of the snaps she has taken… Not entirely bad, are they?! Georgie was pointing the camera carefully… Continue Reading “Photography by Georgie”