Joy in a Box – My Sunday Photo

There is nothing quite as special as a big empty box, when you’re a little child with a big imagination. We are hosting a jigsaw puzzle twitter party on Tuesday, and a huge pile of jigsaws was delivered to us in this box. They weren’t able to go safely back into the box until we need them because the box was immediately claimed by these two!… Continue Reading “Joy in a Box – My Sunday Photo”

Full Moon – My Sunday Photo

There was a full moon on Thursday, so I had a go at capturing it (kneeling on a windowsill in just my pants & vest top, with zoom lens poking out the window – sorry, neighbours!). I took this around midnight, when the moon finally decided to show itself above the houses in the street behind ours. For the first time in ages, I shot… Continue Reading “Full Moon – My Sunday Photo”

Iggle Piggle Love – My Sunday Photo

We were at Alton Towers to visit CBeebies Land earlier this week, and this photo of Lydia with Iggle Piggle just melts my heart. She was so excited to see him there and waited impatiently for her turn to give him a big cuddle and kiss, running straight into his outstretched arms. The girls also got the chance to meet Upsy Daisy, and Georgie cuddled… Continue Reading “Iggle Piggle Love – My Sunday Photo”

Macro Flowers – My Sunday Photo

I ordered some macro extension tubes for my Samsung NX 3000 camera (you can see a link at the end of the post to what I got) this week, and as soon as they arrived I was out in the garden playing around. We are lucky enough to have moved into a house with a lovely garden that, although small, flowers from Spring to Autumn,… Continue Reading “Macro Flowers – My Sunday Photo”

Bubble – My Sunday Photo

Yesterday I attended the Baby Show and met up with Zara from Mojo Blogs. We were chatting with the team on the Arla Big Milk stand, and suddenly this bubble appeared seemingly out of nowhere and Zara managed to catch it on the tip of her finger, which surprised us all! I had my camera around my neck and couldn’t resist snapping a quick pic.

Crocuses – My Sunday Photo

I have to admit, I really love this photo. It signifies the near-arrival of spring to me. These beautiful crocuses are pushing their way up into the sunlight from a messy & slightly neglected flower bed in our garden, and the colour they bring to the garden that has been slumbering for months is so welcome to me. Last year our new garden delighted us for… Continue Reading “Crocuses – My Sunday Photo”

Georgie & Roo – My Sunday Photo

It’s been a bit of a slow week in our house; Georgie, Lydia & I all had a stomach bug at the start of the week, and Georgie’s lingering cough is keeping everyone awake more than normal at nighttime. I’ve been working a bit, but mostly having to spend my days and evenings entertaining or looking after the girls, who have definitely needed more cuddles, more… Continue Reading “Georgie & Roo – My Sunday Photo”

Lydia Running – My Sunday Photo

I love this photo of Lydia running ahead of me in the park; I can just feel her movement, and her joy in being able to run ahead of me. We walk across this park several times a day going to & from Georgie’s pre-school, and my littlest girl has started asking to get down from the pushchair so she can walk across the park… Continue Reading “Lydia Running – My Sunday Photo”